Online Java Projects for Students

      Online Java Projects for Students is one of our best online services that created for students to helping find a path for future career. Our top experts have stayed focused on online teaching by 24/7. Java is the world most famous language and it embeds billions of systems and devices worldwide. For that our online Java projects for student’s service provide ample opportunities for students to getting knowledge in programming. We provide best project training and unique offering in online where you can learn the most of the popular Java programming concepts. The main aim of our “Online Learning” is to improve the services of customers. JSP based Projects, Servlet based Projects, Core Java based Projects, and IEEE based Projects are made by us in online. These projects are offered in guaranteed results with affordable prices. We will never get back to any effort and we will do it successfully. You have made us all proud with your great participation.

Online Java Projects for Students

     Online Java Projects for Students provides lot of online services for student academic purpose. There are plenty of online Java projects for students developed in Core Java, and Advanced Java Technologies (Servlet, JSP, Spring, Struts, Hibernate). We are providing guidance in online for students and our world class engineers provides robust ideas for making your projects in online. Here are some of the online project ideas for student’s reference.

Supported Online Projects Categories

GUI based Application Development

  • Media player creation using JavaFX menus and Java FX with Sliders
  • Creating Game using Java Swing Key Listeners
  • Java Messenger using Swing Objects
  • Text Editor using a GUI CardLayout

Web based Application Development

  • Jsoup to parse elements from a website (Web Parser)
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Services Discovery
  • Mobile Web Design and Development

                 -IPhone Web App Development

                 -iPad App Development

                -Android App Development

                -GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Apps Development

                -Custom Android and iOS Application Development

                -Mobile Multimedia and Security Solutions

                -Geo-Location based App Development

                -Video or Audio based App Development

                -Social App API Development

Complex Application Development

  • 2D/3D Application Development
  • js based Application Development
  • Mobile Analytics Tool Integration (e.g. Google Analytics, Flurry, etc.)
  • Creating Algorithms for complex simulation and modelling
  • Add secure operations in Mobile solutions

Data Analysis and Visualization in Online

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Data Structure Analysis
  • Algorithm Development for Online Analysis
  • Supported Tools

                -Data Pine Online Data Analysis Tool

                -Self Service Business Intelligence Tool

                -SQL Editor

                -JFreeChart Java Library for Data Visualization

                -Java Data Mining Package Java Library for Machine Learning and Data Analysis

                -Near 200+ Visualization Software Support

Simulation and Modelling

  • Support for Mathematical Modelling
  • Graphical Representation (2D, 3D, Network Data, Hexagonal, and Any combination of it)
  • Network Simulators support (e.g. NS2, NS3, GloMoSim, OMNeT++, Opnet, etc.)
  • Matlab Simulink Support
  • Scilab Scicos Support
  • Near 50+ Network Simulators Support

Java Modelling Tools for Online Applications Development:

  • JABA (Queueing network models for Asymptotic Analysis and Bottlenecks Identification)
  • JMVA (Mean Value Analysis Tool for queueing network models)
  • JWAT (Java Workload Characterization from Log Data )
  • JMCH (Markov Chain Simulator used in Java Programming)
  • JSIMgraph (Graphical User Interface with Queuing Network and Petri Net Simulator)
  • JSIMwiz (Wizard User Interface with Queuing Network and Petri Net Simulator)

Online Java Project Technologies

  • AJAX
  • HTML /HTML 5
  • CSS /CSS 3
  • Java Script
  • Node JS
  • Log 4J
  • JUnit Test / MOCKITO / Test NG
  • SQL /MySQL/Oracle
  • JSP
  • Servlets
  • JDBC
  • SVN
  • Web Services
  • JQuery
  • Angular JS
  • Cloud AWS
  • Agile/Scrum
  • UML
  • Web Hosting

We have included project code for Web service discovery. This code will guide you to implement web services provider application.

Research Areas in Web Service Discovery

  • Web Service Modeling Ontology
  • Web Service Modeling Language
  • Web Service Execution Environment
  • Light Weight Annotations
  • Mobile Services
  • Semantic Web Service
  • Web 2.0 Services
  • Distributed Computing
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Ubiquitous Web Services

/* Sample Java Code for Web Service Discovery*/

public class webEurekaClientApplication {
public static void main(String[] args) {, args);
class ServiceInstanceRestController {
private DiscoveryClient mywebservicediscoveryClient;
public List<ServiceInstance> serviceInstancesByApplicationName(
@PathVariable String webEurekaClientApplication) {
return this.mywebservicediscoveryClient.getInstances(webEurekaClientApplication);

Sample Titles in Online Java Projects for Students:         

  • The new process of Autonomic Web Services based on Enhanced by Asynchronous Checkpointing
  • An effective Optimization of Web Service mechanism Based on Control System for Balance between Network Traffic and Delay
  • A fresh Performance Evaluation of an Automatic Web Services based by on Composition System
  • A new source of QoS Aware Service Clustering to Bootstrap in Web Service Selection
  • An efficient performance for Computing Quantified Opacity based SOG-Abstracted Web Services
  • A novel technique for Attack-Tolerant Framework performance based up on by Web Services
  • The new-fangled technique based on Performance for Web Services and Google Cloud Messaging
  • An efficient mechanism for Improving Web Services Design Quality used by Heuristic Search and Machine Learning
  • A successful performance based on Supporting Interoperability among Web Services Through Efficient Matching
  • A new mechanism for Web Service Interface Decomposition use of Formal Concept Analysis