Application Based Projects in Java

     Application Based Projects in Java is the world’s most famous research filed, which is provide big platform for students and research scholars. We can develop any kind of application based projects in Java. Nowadays, most of students use Internet for academic related reading and research needs. The results show that the students are very much interesting to work upon their projects. For that reason Application based Projects in Java is introduced for students to do their academic projects with the help of our complete guidance. We have 150+ top-experts who have the 10+ years of experience to use tools, libraries and frameworks. We treated everyone as our customers so that we provide proper guidance for both beginners and research scholars. If you are looking for Application based Projects in Java, please send one mail. We reach of you in short span.

Application Based Projects in Java

    Application Based Projects in Java is one the beautiful ways to develop programs with Java Technology. Java based applications are serving for various research fields like authentication, authorization and encryption. We travel around the various Java technologies to discover a world informative ideas and resources. Our organization offers professional training programs in such related technologies (for application development). This page provides some ideas of Java technology and explains its pioneering role in project development for students.

Key Concepts Using Java

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Application Design and Development
  • Networking Applications

               -Communication technologies (Zigbee, RFID, Bluetooth)

               -Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Technologies

  • Hardware Applications
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Security based Applications

                -Cloud Computing

                -Information Systems

               -Cyber Security

               -Web based Security Attacks

               -Security attacks in Networking

Combined Java Technologies for Application Based Projects

 MySQL + Java Technologies

  • Apache Wicket, Java, MySQL
  • JSP, HTML, Java, MySQL
  • Java, MySQL, JSF, JSP
  • Java, MySQL, GWT/SmartGWT
  • Java, MySQL, Liferay, Spring

Web Server + Java Technologies

  • Java, Tomcat, JSP, Backbone, Springs 2.0.6, Zookeeper, Maven, MongoDB, JQuery, Firefox extension, Nginx
  • Velocity, Struts, Tomcat, Java
  • Weblogic, Java, MySQL
  • SVN, JSP, J2EE, Struts, Tomcat, AJAX/JavaScript, Java, Eclipse, JasperReports/iText, MySQL
  • JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Tomcat, AJAX/XML/JavaScript, Java
  • JSP, Spring 3.0.6, Draw2D, Tomcat, JQuery, JSTL, JSON, JSTL, Netbeans, Apache, ExtJS, JWS, Applet

Java Technologies (Java Native Interface) + Other Programming Languages

  • Java + Matlab Simulink (System model building)
  • Java + .NET + Apache Axis Toolkit (Web services)
  • Java + C (for Embedded systems)
  • Java + Python (Jython for scientific data analysis)
  • Java + Scilab (JIMS module for Mathematical Formulation)

Recent Application based Projects List

  • An effective performance for Clockwork based on Scheduling Cloud Requests by Mobile Applications
  • A new mechanism for Offline mobile application in places identification by augmented reality
  • A new performance of Energy and Delay Tradeoff with Application Offloading by Mobile Cloud Computing
  • The new process of VitalLogger based on adaptable wearable physiology and body-area ambiance data logger in mobile applications
  • An effective mechanism for Identifying User-Input Privacy based on Mobile Applications by Large Scale
  • An efficient usage of Automatic Maintenance for GUI Test Scripts based on Evolving Mobile Applications
  • An effective mechanism for GENI wireless testbed based an open edge ecosystem by ubiquitous computing applications
  • A new technique of TAM based on Transparent Agent Architecture by Measuring Mobile Applications
  • An effective mechanism for Data-Driven Application Maintenance into Experience from Trenches
  • An effective mechanism for Understanding Soft Skills Requirements in Mobile Applications Developers