Simple Core Java Projects for Students

    Simple Core Java Projects for Students explore core Java projects for students in pursuing engineering and doctorate degree courses. We have developed some of the Simple Core Java Projects for Students to work upon and there are five thousands of simple core Java projects delivered across the globe. We have collected ideas from the various sources such as International Journal Articles, Magazines, International Forums, Books, E-book, etc. All the ideas are conventional, innovative project ideas and lot of the ideas developed by own. Core Java programming courses are complemented by our organization where a team of experts has to develop a simple mini/main projects for students. We take PRIDE in fulfilling student needs.

Simple Core Java Projects for Students

    Simple Core Java Projects for Students is the starting point to budding students who are dreaming career in Java Programming. Our simple core Java projects emphasize about core components for Java Programming language. Java is a platform-independent programming language for developing different applications like desktop, mobile, embedded applications with more flexibility. We have developed projects in latest topics and technology so that you have the knowledge about what is going on now in the Java World.

Java Technologies for Developing Core Java Projects:

  • Java Standard Edition (Java SE) – To develop desktop server applications and browser applications
  • Java Micro Edition (Java ME) – To develop mobile phones and smart cards applications
  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) – To develop web and enterprise applications
  • JavaFX Script – To create expressive and animated graphical applications.

      JavaSE is the strong foundation for Java Core Technologies and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It provides the core functionality of the Java Programming. Let’s know the latest versions of Java,

  • Java SE 9
  • Java SE 10 (JSR 354)
  • Java SE 8 Update 141, 144
  • Java SE 7 Update 131, 141, 151
  • Java SE 6 Update 141, 151, 161

System Configurations:

  • Supporting Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux
  • At least 2GB of memory
  • At least 200MB of Disk Space

It supports:

  • Core API
  • Class Libraries
  • Toolkits
  • HotSpot Virtual Machine
  • Deployment Technology
  • Development Tools

Java SE support for:

  • Database Access
  • Graphical User Interface
  • XML Parsing
  • Networking
  • Security

Top Features of Java SE 9

  • It supports Interactive Read-Eval-Print-Loop tool (jshell)
  • Streams API Enhancements (iterate, interface, dropwhile, takewhile, ofNullable)
  • New APIs (Imporved Javadoc)
  • Supports Http/2.0
  • New factory methods with easier initialization of collections
  • Interfaces by Private Methods
  • Enhanced Process API

Additional Tools supported in Java SE:

  • IBM Visual age for Java
  • Web Gain Café
  • Microsoft Visual J++
  • Borland JBuilder
  • Forte by Sun Microsystems

List of Simple Core Java Projects for Students

  • The new-fangled process of a Cloud System for Machine Learning Exploiting based on a Parallel Array DBMS
  • An innovative method for Automated Personalized Assessment of Computational Thinking MOOC Assignments
  • A fresh process for core java programming technique of Pluggable Controllers and Nano-Patterns
  • An effective system for Hardwiring the OS kernel into a Java application processor
  • An innovative mechanism for MCRTsim based on simulation tool of multi-core real-time systems
  • An efficient performance of core java programming based on Soot Tool chain for Analyzing Android Apps
  • A novel study of Scalability of a Web Server based on Vertical Scalability Improve the Performance of a Server
  • An effective performance for Preparing an Online Java Parallel Computing Course
  • The new mechanism for core java programming of Energy-Efficient Java Virtual Machine
  • An innovative process of non-intrusive, operating system independent spinlock profiler for embedded multicore systems
  • A novel technology of core java programming for Deletion Mutants Easier to Identify Manually
  • The new process of Software Toolchain for core java programming in Variability Awareness on Heterogenous Multicore Platforms