Project of Java

     Project of Java is created by our company which provides complete solution for all type of academic final year student projects. The project of Java allows students to select the specialized topics and can help to acquire a broad range of knowledge to apply for future career. Our projects are appropriate for B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, and many more. We are specialized on Java technologies and also highly proficient to develop projects which are purely based on Java technologies. This is the beginning of anything you want. We enable master students to get knowledge in developing PhD projects. The PhD project is the most important task during doctorate study programme. We support doctorate students for synopsis writing, research paper writing, review paper writing, thesis writing, conference paper writing, journal publication, and literature review writing. Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself, take it and make the most of it.

Project of Java

     Project of Java is the starting point of all desire. We provides full Java project with original source code. Java is the hot technology which gives lot of features but its footprint is decreasing. So we focus on integration technology. There are lot of efforts are put in making integration platforms, objective to reduce the amount of coding and minimizing the errors. Integrated technology is resulting in robust application systems. When we integrate two technologies, a lot of problems will arise.  Here are a few common issues with using Java Integrated Technology,

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Changes in Public APIs
  • Incompatible Implementations of Protocol
  • Malformed Data (Messages Validation, Data transfers Errors)

Java Integrated Technology

  • Java + Python
  • Java + AMQP (Messaging Protocol)
  • Java + BoofCV (Android)
  • Java + Component Containers (e.g. OSGI, JBI)
  • Java + Kinect (RGB-D Sensor)
  • Java + Web Services Frameworks
  • Java + OLE, Active X
  • Java + CORBA Technology
  • Java + Matlab/Simulink
  • Java + CAN Protocol
  • Java + Visual Studio
  • Java + Apache Camel

Supported OSGI Technology

  • Equinox
  • JbossAS
  • Apache Service Mix 4.X.X (top of JBI)
  • Virgo (EclipseRT – OSGi container (AS/WS)

/* Sample Python Code using Computer Vision Library (BoofCV) */

import numpy as np

import pyboof as pb

original = pb.load_single_band(‘../data/example/outdoors01.jpg’, np.uint8)

# Useful function which creates a new image of the same type and shape as the original

gaussian = original.createSameShape()

mean = original.createSameShape()

# Apply different types of blur to the image

pb.blur_gaussian(original, gaussian,radius=3)

pb.blur_mean(original, mean, radius=3)

# Display the results in a single window as a list

image_list = [(original, “original”), (gaussian, “gaussian”), (mean, “mean”)]

pb.swing.show_list(image_list, title=”Outputs”)

raw_input(“Press any key to exit”)

     In this code, PyBoof (Python Wrapper) is a Java library for the computer vision based applications development. To use this library, we need to install the latest stable version sudo pip install pyboof

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu Linux (e.g. Ubuntu Linux 16.04)
  • Mac OS
  • Windows

Required Dependencies

  • Py4j
  • numpy

     Here we have listed some of the Java project topics using integrated technologies. We can provides wide range of Java project topics in various domains that includes: network security, semantic web, web mining, semantic web, network security, internet of things, vehicular networks, data mining, internet of things, wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, digital forensics, etc.

  • An effective Safety management system designed for college students’ outdoor activities by mobile terminal practice
  • A new process of JAVA-GUI based on package used for optimized concert analysis function of 1D PhC in filter
  • A competent system for video capturing and streaming over Ad-Hoc networks
  • An effective process of 3D geographic scenes visualization by WebGL
  • A framework process of Web Service function to translate text into sign language system
  • The new framework process of Adaptive with Assessment-Driven Open-Source Learning used for Knowledge-Driven Web Tutoring System
  • A new source of an open basis implementation of an intuitionistic fuzzy inference system into Clojure
  • A creative Natural language processing model based on compiling natural language into byte code
  • A framework function of 5G environments based on facilitate management for services in cloud
  • An innovative process of Real-time localization methodology via RFID technology in closed area practice
  • A novel approach of Programmable multi-source embedded control of Large-Scale Integrated microfluidic circuits with an application for real time flow rate modulation
  • An effective function of Heterogeneous Interconnection between SDN and Layer2 Networks Based on NSI