New Project in Java

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New Project in Java

    New Project in Java is a common question raised by many researchers and students. This talk will be full of new features on Java and many kinds of domains. Java 9 is much more compatible with Spring that support for Couchbase, Cassandra, Redis and MongoDB and Spring Boot 2.00.0 M5 is also available in Java 9. We support these features into our projects for developing ultimate projects. Among those, you will see the following concepts.

Technology Trends in Java Technology

  • Integrate JDeveloper and WebLogic
  • Fusion Middleware runs on Java
  • Interface Glassfish with NetBeans
  • N-Tier Cloud/Client Architecture
  • Software Defined Anything
  • Smart Machines, 3D Printing
  • Mobile Apps and Applications
  • The Era of Personal Cloud
  • The Internet of Everything
  • IT as a Service Broker and Hybrid Cloud

/* Sample Java Code to Access the Entity Manager using Spring JPA */

//Source code (implemented in latest stable version 5.0.1)……..

// Spring Data JPA Object


@Table(name = “PARKRUNCOURSE”)

public class ParkrunCourse {


@Column(name = “PRCOURSE_ID”)


private Long courseId;

@Column(name = “COURSENAME”)

private String courseName;

@Column(name = “URL”)

private String url;

@Column(name = “AVERAGETIME”)

private Long averageTime;


// Repository

public interface ParkrunCourseRepository extends CrudRepository {


// Create Custom Interfaces and Implementation

public interface ParkrunCourseRepositoryCustom {

void refresh(ParkrunCourse parkrunCourse);


// Inject Entity Manager

import javax.persistence.PersistenceContext;

import javax.persistence.EntityManager;

import com.glenware.springboot.form.ParkrunCourse;

import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.Transactional;

public class ParkrunCourseRepositoryImpl implements ParkrunCourseRepositoryCustom {


private EntityManager em;



public void refresh(ParkrunCourse parkrunCourse) {




//Refresh the JPA Object


private ParkrunCourseRepository parkrunCourseRepository;

ParkrunCourse parkrunCourse = parkrunCourseRepository.findOne(1L);

// Now up to date


     This code snippet refers to the access the Entity Manager for a specific Spring Data JPA object. Here Entity Manager used a custom interface (repository interfaces) to communicate with the persistence context. We support other Spring frameworks including:

  • Spring Android (For Android applications)
  • Spring Boot (For steroids)
  • Spring Batch (For batch processing)
  • Spring Cloud (For cloud application execution from the open-source Netflix libraries)
  • Spring Data (For database communications [SQL and NoSQL])
  • Spring Security (For authentication and authorization)
  • Spring Social (For social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Spring XD (For big data applications development)

Other Frameworks to be used

  • Spring MVC
  • Spring TX
  • Spring WS
  • Spring JMS
  • Spring Webflow
  • Spring Loaded
  • Rest Shell
  • Spring ROO
  • Spring Scala
  • Spring Blazeds Integration
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow

Spring Major Applications

  • Caching and handling messages (AMQP and JMS)
  • Provide support for authorization and authentication
  • MVC applications creation
  • Connecting RDBMS databases using JPA, Hibernate and JDBC
  • Connecting NoSQL databases (Hadoop, Neo4j, MongoDB, Solr, Redis, etc.)
  • Simple Website Development Applications using Android

      Here we have listed some of the project topics using Spring Frameworks. These project topics will be absolutely free for students.

  • A competent system used for performance analyze of encryption algorithms used in public key infrastructure based secure transmitting of audio information by Spring Security
  • A new spring process of Android based mobile technology in the example of health with sports statistics application scheme
  • A modern Social learning environment process derived from social learning graphs formalism by Spring Social system
  • A pioneering Spring Batch mechanism to design a conservatory of Real-Time Java Supporting Several Multimedia Applications scheme
  • The inventive function of rTraffic based a real-time web application used for traffic status update in streets on Bangladesh of Spring Web flow
  • A proficient method of Schedulability analysis intended for global fixed-priority scheduling of 3-phase task model by Spring MVC practice
  • A modernization method for Reducing Cache Conflicts using by interrupts with BUNDLE Scheduling-Spring Boot system
  • An effective function of Task Allocation designed for Software Fault-Tolerance along with Its Implementation of Spring MVC into Embedded Automotive Systems
  • A pioneering function of Distributed Dynamic Packet Scheduling intended for Handling Disturbances in Real-Time Wireless Networks by Spring Scala practice
  • A novelty process of Multi-time scale forecast for schedulable capacity of EVs derived from big data and machine learning-Spring XD
  • An effective optimal resource allocation process of dynamic video streaming applications in a public cloud environment-Spring Cloud Data Flow
  • The new process of an Image Retrieval Algorithm derived from SURF based on Embedded System by Spring Data

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