Web Application Projects in Java

     Web Application Projects in Java is a world no.1 project company that provide world class project guidance and final year projects for students and research scholars. This page is one of a series of Java projects to demonstrate the technology of which should be used in the Web Applications. You have the opportunity to grab all because it’s a time to make an effort to become an expert in that field.  We have the 150+ world class professionals who have the 10+ years of research life experience in Java Programming. We follow a systematic approach towards every final year project or mini project from initiation to execution stage. This curious method makes our students come to us.

Web Application Projects in Java

     Web Application Projects in Java provides proper guidance for students to develop projects in web application.  Our experts can develop functional, dynamic, cost-effective web applications that address the complex technical challenges. The aim is to develop applications which are used in real-life applications. All kind of web application projects are carried out by our entire research team. The various Java technologies listed in this page and you can use each in your web application projects in Java.

Web Application Project Research Areas

  • Web based Software Development

                     -Focus on Automated Software Testing Method

                     -Focus on Agile Development Method

  • Cloud Applications Development
  • Raspberry Pi and Android Apps Development
  • Application Security
  • Multiple Browser Maintenance
  • Web based Hybrid Mobile Apps Development
  • Responsive Web App Development
  • Web Technologies based Mobile App (e.g. PhoneGap)
  • Platform Specific Native App
  • Specialized Mobile Web App Development
  • Web App with Offline Mode
  • Web Technologies based Cross Platform App

Java Technologies for Web Application Projects:

  • Java Servlet API
  • Java Server Pages Technology
  • Java Standard Pages Standard Tag Library
  • Java Server Faces Technology
  • Java Message Service API
  • Java Mail API
  • JavaBeans Activation Framework
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface
  • Java Persistence API
  • Java API for XML Processing

Other Java Technologies:

  • J2EE Connector Architecture
  • Java API for XML Registers
  • Java Architecture for XML Binding
  • Java Transaction API
  • Java API for SOAP attachments
  • Java Authentication and Authorization Service

Development Tools

  • NetBeansIDE
  • Sun Java Studio Creator IDE
  • Sun Java Studio Enterprise IDE

Research Topics in Web Applications using Java:

  • An effective mechanism for Extracting Hierarchical Structure of Web Video Groups Based on Sentiment-Aware Signed Network Analysis by web application
  • A new-fangled source of Dynamically Exposing and Controlling Physical Devices by web application in Expanding Web of Things Scheme
  • The innovative process of Enabling Multi-Topic and Cross-Language Browsing use of Web-Semantics Service in web application
  • A valuable Recommending Services method for New Mashups through Service Factors and Top-K Neighbors in web application
  • A innovative web Application of Hidden Markov Model based in SQL Injection Detection
  • An effective mechanism for Visual Configuration based on RESTful Mobile Web Mashups in web application
  • The Evaluation and Trade-offs innovative mechanism for Graph Processing of Cloud Services by web application
  • An efficient mechanism for Extraction of Microservices from Monolithic Software Architectures in web application