Core Java Projects for Students

     Core Java Projects for Students provide useful ideas for students those who developing their final year projects in own way. With the advent of technological innovation, our experts have following the most holistic way to explore ideas in Java programming. If you are the beginner for Java programming, you can use core Java programming for mobile application (iOS, android and windows) and web application development and others can try something using advanced Java programming (networking, swings, awt, multithreading) for making any application. Our organization has ISO 9001.2000 certification which is get by providing projects in international standards. However our company has produced a number of project titles in recent research areas, which helps you to select a topic for your academic projects. Today is yours. You can start to do as you wish

Core Java Projects for Students

     Core Java Projects for Students is a hub of having best core Java project ideas for everyone to work upon. Our top-experts are well-versed in all levels of programming ranging from basics to advance. We at Core Java Projects for students created to help you in the most proper way. Here we will talk about the most important concepts in Java,

  • Inner classes
  • Object class and its methods
  • Garbage collection and memory management
  • Constructors and constructor chaining
  • Static and object initializer blocks
  • Primitive wrappers for parse methods
  • Java API Integration
  • Connection pooling and cloning
  • Association like aggregation and composition
  • Abstract factory design pattern
  • Façade design pattern

Key features of Core Java Projects for Students

  • Complete source code with guaranteed outputs
  • Real-time project training
  • Project certification for individual students
  • Project explanation through audio file
  • Customized project report
  • Project related materials on both softcopy and hardcopy
  • 24/7 Team viewer support
  • Provide project screenshot, video, and recommended software
  • Project training will be provided by top professionals

     Over the last few years, technology has been exploring so exponentially. Java has been a steadily increasing demand for students ranging from undergraduates to postgraduates. This year we covered a huge range of technologies including:

  • Open Source Parse Server
  • Admob
  • Firebase
  • Bluetooth
  • GDX (Game Development)
  • Network Protocols
  • CMS (Magento, Joomla, WordPress)

Latest Technology for CS and IT Students

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Big data analytics
  • Computer assisted education
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cyber security
  • Human machine computation
  • Adaptive security in IoT
  • Managing context information
  • Internet of Things
  • Semantic, perceptual and cognitive computing
  • Context aware QoE Systems
  • Live video streaming
  • Wireless technology (smart antennas, cognitive radios, software defined radios)

/*Sample Java Code for Long Term Evolution Networks*/

// Source code to setting LTE parameters …..

public interface Constants {

public static final int DEFAULT_RADIUS = 500;

public static final int MINIMAL_DISTANCE = 35;

public static final int DEFAULT_B = 10;

public static final int NUMBER_OF_CELLS = 19;

public static final int NoSECTORS=3;

public static final double P_MAX=46; //maximal power in dBm

public static final double SHADOWING_DEVIATION = 8;//generator.nextGaussian()*SHADOWING_DEVIATION

public static final int NUMBER_OF_USERS_SECTOR= 50 / NoSECTORS; //36.104 3gpp

public static final int MAX_No_PRB= 50;//36.212 3GPP for 10MHz B

public static final double B_PRB=0.18; //bandwidth of one resource block in MHz 36.212 3gpp


Newest Java Project Titles

  • An effective performance for Expected Q-learning of Self-Organizing Resource Allocation based LTE-U in Downlink-Uplink Decoupling
  • A new mechanism for Nonlinear complex M-SVR and LTE MIMO-OFDM channel in impulsive noise
  • An effective mechanism for Slotted ALOHA Filtered Tree (SAFT) based Reliable LTE RACH
  • An efficient performance for Distributed Power-Saving Framework in LTE HetNets Exploiting Almost by Blank Subframes
  • A novel technology of Virtualization on LTE physical layer symbol processing by GPUs
  • An effective mechanism for LTE-signal processing based on passive radar air traffic surveillance
  • An efficient mechanism for Optimal Time-Spatial Randomization Techniques based on Energy Efficient with IoT Access by LTE-Advanced
  • An effective mechanism for Standard-Compliant LTE-A Uplink Scheduling Scheme on Quality of Service
  • A new performance for Cell Search and Initial Synchronization for NB-IoT LTE Systems
  • An effective mechanism for Network Slices toward on 5G Communications based on Slicing by LTE Network
  • On the use of Maximizing throughput based 2D-Markov models by LTE and WiFi heterogeneous network
  • An effective mechanism for Ultra long range LTE by ocean coverage solution
  • A new mechanism for System level 5G evaluation based on MIMO-GFDM by in LTE-A platform
  • A new process of coexistence based on Wi-Fi and LTE-U within unlicensed spectrum
  • An efficient performance of enabling device-to-device communications by LTE-unlicensed spectrum
  • An effective mechanism for Optimal DASH-multicasting over LTE

        In above we listed few project topics in the area of “LTE Networks” which are completely core Java based projects. You can get started using these couple of projects for your final year projects. If you feel that our core Java projects for students is easy as well as worth, contact us immediately.