List of Projects in Java

      List of Projects in Java is the world’s most innovative research organization. Our list of projects in Java is the hub of Knowledge and Discovery. Students and researchers are integral part of our research community. We make our students become the next generation of scientists, engineers, experts in the world. Along with this, we offer various opportunities for undergraduate and post graduate students who can connect directly to our organization. We provide project abstract, base paper, and ideas for every student projects. We offer high quality projects for students starting from simple projects to complex application projects. According to your area of interest, you can choose your projects.

List of Projects in Java

     List of Projects in Java is established for students, which is now created big research platform for research scholars. Java is the open source programming language that provides various key concepts for students to building new applications. The future of the technology is in the hands of Younger Generation. Java is the technology which is exploring in day by day since Java and Oracle database technologies are making the city smart. For this purpose, we develop projects in latest technologies. We support for project technologies (Core/Advanced Java), tools, and languages and also support for customized project report.

Let’s know our project services,

  • Application Projects
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Online Projects
  • IEEE Projects
  • Networking Projects
  • Embedded Projects
  • Hadoop Projects
  • Mini Projects
  • Simple Projects
  • Advanced Projects
  • Open Source Projects

Why Java at our List of Projects in Java?

  • Use of Latest Version of Software
  • Training Programs on New Technology
  • Real-Time Project Training
  • Final Year Projects for Students in All levels
  • Guidance in IEEE Research and Development
  • Project Training World Class Experts
  • Projects 100% Assured by Quality
  • Unlimited Revisions (Project/Project Report)
  • IEEE Projects in All Research Domains
  • Project Materials (Soft Copy/Hard Copy)
  • Customized Project Report
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  • Online Guidance by our Tutors in 24/7

     There are plenty of areas implemented using Java but recently students prefer “Internet of Things” due to its emerging need. Smart City Applications has wide impact in the field of research.  For this reason, we have provided top smart city concept, applications and services.

Smart City Solutions

  • Connectivity and Cloud Services
  • Networking Solutions (Gateways and Routers)
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Regulation and Political Mandates

Smart City Key Technology

  • Machine2Machine Communication
  • Near Field Communication
  • Data Warehousing and Management
  • Cloud computing/Virtualization
  • Video and Collaboration
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Business Applications and Processes
  • Citizen Sourcing and Shared Services
  • Cloud as a Business Model

Smart City Applications

Smart Energy

  • Smart metering management
  • Smart grid automation
  • Flexible distribution
  • Real-time smart grid software
  • Renewable integration

Smart Transportation

  • Intelligent lighting
  • Traveller information
  • Transportation sensors
  • Integrated transportation
  • Traffic management

Smart Water

  • Distribution management
  • Leak detection
  • Water network management
  • Storm water and urban flooding management

Smart Building

  • Energy efficiency
  • Centralized system for temperature control
  • Connection to the smart grid
  • Security solutions by movement and temperature sensors

Smart Networks

  • Fiber telecom infrastructure
  • ICT networks
  • IT network services
  • IoT ready wireless sensor network solutions

List of Projects in Java:

  • The new technology of Graph signal processing in applications to sensor networks, smart grids and smart cities
  • An effective performance for Automatic configuration of smart city applications based on user-centric decision support
  • An innovative mechanism of Certificate less Cryptographic Protocols for Efficient Drone-Based on Smart City Applications
  • A new source of Analysis based on modular bridge platform for heterogeneous software defined networking in smart city applications
  • A novel technique based on Distributed sensor data computing in smart city applications
  • The fresh technology for Adaptive filtering as a service based on smart city applications
  • An effectual mechanism for Smart Technologies and Vehicle‐to‐X (V2X) Infrastructures based on Smart Mobility Cities
  • A competent mechanism for Big Data Analytics Processes and Platforms Facilitating Smart Cities
  • An inventive mechanism for Wide‐Area Monitoring and Control of Smart Energy Cyber‐Physical Systems (CPS)
  • The novel technique for Large Scale Air‐Quality Monitoring in Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • An efficient mechanism for Bringing Named Data Networks based into Smart Cities
  • A new source for Human Context Sensing based on by Smart Cities
  • A fresh technique for Modular and Personalized Smart Health Application Design in by Smart City Environment
  • An efficient performance for Application of a smart load-control concept in a municipality building in city based on Pilsen
  • A new-fangled mechanism for ElCity based on an Elastic Multilevel Energy Saving Model by Smart Cities
  • The process of Policy-based on Secure and Trustworthy Sensing for Internet of Things in Smart Cities