Java Swing Projects for Students

     Java Swing Projects for Students provide customized project support for final year students. The Java Swing Projects for Students is one of our famous services which are initiated for students in studying various degree programs (undergraduate, and post graduate). Our peer review process includes project topic selection, novel conceptualization, project code implementation, project report writing, editing, formatting, proofreading, etc. For every student project, we provide Java Project Titles, Abstract, Base Paper, Source Code, Workshop, Seminars, Training Programs, and Project Training. Initially, our project development team provide implementation plan with software and hardware requirements for your projects. If you need such kind of assistance, please don’t hesitate to mail us. We are ready to give “n” number of services with 100% quality.

Java Swing Projects for Students

    Java Swing Projects for Students is the great place for students in various colleges and universities across the globe. Java Swing is a GUI Toolkit that contains collection of Java libraries to develop rich GUI based application. There are plenty of tools can be used for developing Swing based applications that are Abbot, Fest, UISpec4J and QF-Test. Majority of existing projects were developed using single Java technology (e.g. Java Swing, JavaScript, etc.) but our experts have developed using combined technologies (e.g. JSP + Java Swing, Java Swing + Java Applets + JSP + HTML).

Development Platforms:

  • JavaFX (JFX Panel)
  • Java SE (J2SE)
  • Java EE (J2EE)
  • Java ME (J2ME)

Java Swing in IDEs:

  • Netbeans IDE
  • JSource
  • JDeveloper
  • Eclipse
  • IntellijIDEA
  • JxBrowser

Research Interest using Java Swing

  • Image Processing
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Data Mining

     In this page, we are going to take a look at a few important aspects about Image Processing research field. We will provide image processing libraries, tools, software, perform various operations and sample code for simple image processing project.

Image Processing Libraries, Tools, Software

  • OpenIMAJ (Group of Java Libraries)
  • TwelveMonkeys ImageIO (Java ImageIO API extension library)
  • Swing JDialog (Java Component)
  • Vikoworkstation (Open source Image Processing Software)
  • OpenCV (Java Computer Vision)
  • im2java2d (Matlab Function for convert image to Java buffered image)
  • Mathematica (DIP Application Package)
  • imgLib2 (Java Generic Image Processing Library)
  • BoofCV (Java OpenCV Library)
  • Imgscalr (Pure Java Image Resizing Library)
  • JAI Media APIs and ImageMagick
  • Catalano framework (Java Scientific Computing Framework)
  • Java 2D, Java APIs, GUI

Image Processing Operations

  • Loading, and Display Image
  • Filtering (e.g. High Pass Filter)
  • Edge Extraction Operations
  • Sharpness Enhancements
  • Color Quantizations
  • Geometric Operations
  • Brightness Enhancement
  • Point Operations
  • Comparison of Two Images
  • Contrast Enhancement
  • Stitching Input Images
  • Connected Component Labelling
  • Feature Detection
  • Segmentation
  • Half-toning and dithering

Image Processing Algorithms

  • Edge Detection Algorithms
  • Image Manipulation Algorithms
  • Sound Manipulation Algorithms
  • Cryptography Algorithms
  • Clustering Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Compression Algorithms
  • Optimization Algorithms
  • Linear Algorithms

/* Sample Java code for Morphological filtering in Image Processing*/

public class MorphologicalThinning {

public static void main(String[] args) {

String[] imagedataset = new


ListDisplayPanel uberPanel = new ListDisplayPanel();

for( String path : imagedataset ) {

// Load and convert the image into a usable format

BufferedImage inpimg = UtilImageIO.loadImage(UtilIO.pathExample(path));

// Convert into a usable format

GrayF32 input = ConvertBufferedImage.convertFromSingle(inpimg, null, GrayF32.class);

GrayU8 bw = new GrayU8(input.width, input.height);

// Fixed threshold is best for B&W images, but the adaptive would improve results for the finger print

GThresholdImageOps.threshold(input, bw, 150, true);

//GThresholdImageOps.adaptiveSquare(input, binary, 20,0,true,null,null);

// Tell it to thin the image until there are no more changes

GrayU8 thinnedimg = BinaryImageOps.thin(bw, -2, null);

// Display the results

BufferedImage visualBinary = VisualizeBinaryData.renderBinary(bw, false, null);

BufferedImage visualThinned = VisualizeBinaryData.renderBinary(thinnedimg, false, null);

ListDisplayPanel panel = new ListDisplayPanel();

panel.addImage(visualThinned, “Thinned”);

panel.addImage(visualBinary, “Binary”);

panel.addImage(inpimg, “Original”);

uberPanel.addItem(panel,new File(path).getName());


ShowImages.showWindow(uberPanel, “Thinned/Skeletonalized Images”, true);

Image Processing based Project Topics

  • An effective mechanism for Tool condition monitoring based on chain code technique, morphological operations and pixel matching
  • A new mechanism for Digital image forgery detection based on shadow HSV inconsistency
  • On the use of Regional land use dynamic monitoring based Chinese GF high resolution satellite data
  • An effective mechanism for Algorithm based fingerprint extraction and implementation by OpenCV
  • An efficient mechanism for Simple Way to Create Pointillistic Art from Natural Images
  • A new mechanism for Color image enhancement based on retinex theory with guided filter
  • On the use of elephant herding optimization algorithm based on Multilevel image thresholding
  • An efficient mechanism for Dynamic range enhancement based medical image processing
  • A new mechanism for Medical Imaging Processing with Big Data Platform usin Java
  • An effective mechanism for Cloud Engineering Principles and Technology Enablers by Medical Image Processing-as-a-Service
  • A novel study of Algorithmic Enhancements based on Big Data Computing Frameworks by Medical Image Processing
  • A novel technology of Methods for medical images analyzing and processing
  • A novel technique for Automated life cycle processing based on complex medical imaging devices
  • The new process of design in embedded system (SOPC) based image processing application
  • An effective mechanism for Meniscus segmentation and tear detection with knee MR images by fuzzy c-means method