VB Net Projects

    VB Net Projects offers complete project development services for students and research scholars. We at VB Net Projects Solution to build scalable and robust application based projects that meet the customer’s need. Our custom services shape strong technological background that provides a great number of facilities for student’s academic projects. Our experts are expertise in various aspects of Java programming like frameworks, databases, application servers, libraries, components and technologies and also our research team analyses student requirements and ensure that students get an optimal result for the requirements.  We help you to bring out your thoughts and work towards your innovative ideas. We are not project sellers as we make the valuable customers and show their knowledge to this competitive world.

VB Net Projects

     VB Net Projects provide the complete set of activities undertaken by our project development team to produce an original source for customer’s needs. We offer a chance to learn at their specific place.  This VB Net projects service is provide the best supports for the students to do their projects. We provide the following sources for students like project source code, documentation, power point presentation, project explanation audio file, project software, project materials and screenshots (line by line explanation). Let’s take a look at the brief introduction of VB.Net,

     ..…”VB Net is the fully object oriented programming language that developed on the .NET framework. It is used for Rapid Application Development and assisting for your own application development”.

Key Features of VB.NET

  • Type-Safe
  • Attributes
  • Multithreading
  • Inheritance (OO-Language)
  • Events and Delegates
  • Method Overriding/Overloading
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • Parameterized constructors

Supported VB.NET Versions

  • VB 15.0
  • VB 14.0
  • VB 11.0
  • VB 10.0
  • VB 9.0
  • VB 8.0
  • VB 7.1
  • VB 7.0

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • BSD
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Solaris
  • Unix
  • Windows

Using VB Net, you will be able to develop

  • Windows Applications
  • Console based Applications
  • Database Applications
  • Dynamic Web pages
  • Static Web Pages
  • Websites
  • Web Services
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Networking Applications
  • Wireless Applications
  • Windows Services

/* Sample VB Net Code for Deep Neural Networks */

Public Sub CreateDeepNeuralNetwork(ByVal neuronsInLayers As ArrayList)

Dim dnn As New NeuralNetwork()

Dim neurons As Long

Dim strategy As New BackPropNeuronStrategy()

//NeuronsInLayers is an arraylist which holds ‘the number of neurons in each layer

For Each neurons In neuronsInLayers

Dim layer As NeuronLayer

Dim i As Long

layer = New NeuronLayer()

For i = 0 To neurons – 1

layer.Add(New Neuron(strategy))




‘Connect all layers together


End Function

Other Neural Network Algorithms

  • Autoencoder
  • Stacked Autoencoder
  • Deep Belief Network
  • Restricted Blotzmann Machine
  • Multilayer Perceptron
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Maxout Networks
  • Convolutional Nets with Average, Max and Stochastic Pooling

Most Recent VB NET Projects Titles

  • An effective execution with intend of intellectual decision-making system software designed for industrial circulating cooling water
  • A new-fangled routine code generation with commerce logic via capturing attributes as of user interface using XML
  • An innovative process of optimization and management tool for multifaceted multi-generation scheme
  • On the use of Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment designed for Software Tool to Improve the Quality of Software Product based on Analysis of Programming Tool
  • A novelty function of Research with development based on Cloud manufacturing process scheme
  • A fresh process of intellectual analysis platform for industrial circulating water based on VB and Matlab
  • Accomplishment of real-time GPS receiver scheme intended for providing navigation based on services with SMS tracking
  • An innovative function of Upliftment based on socio-economical life style of farmers throughout farmer’s data network
  • An imaginative practice of Prediction based on formability meant for sheet metal component via artificial intelligent technique
  • The novel approach for semantic analysis method with algorithms of open tests answers based on cyber-2 pattern within knowledge revival along with evaluation systems