Java Networking Projects

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Java Networking Projects

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Networking Systems Topics Include:

  • Social Networks
  • Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Infrastructures
  • Privacy and Security
  • Event based Systems
  • Multi-threaded and Multi-core architecture’s
  • Embedded and operating systems
  • Distributed databases
  • Distributed and concurrent algorithms
  • Wireless, sensor, ad-hoc and mobile networks
  • Data centers and cloud systems
  • Autonomic, self-organizing, self-stabilizing systems
  • Middleware environments

Supported Network Simulators:

  • Java Network Simulator-JNS
  • JNetworkSim
  • JProwler
  • Psimulator2
  • JiST
  • MSPsim
  • JNNS
  • SNNS
  • PeerSim
  • CloudSim
  • iFogSim
  • WorkflowSim
  • RealCloudSim
  • Cloud Reports
  • Federated CloudSim
  • CloudAnalyst
  • SimGrid
  • Analog Circuit Simulator Applet
  • VANETSim
  • VanetMobiSim
  • SBAS Simulator
  • LTE simulator
  • GridSim
  • JMT
  • MovSim

/*Sample Java Code using LTE Simulator*/

//Simulation parameters settings






P_MAX=46; //maximal power in dBm



MAX_No_PRB= 50;//36.212 3GPP for 10MHz B

B_PRB=0.18; //bandwidth of one resource block in MHz 36.212 3gpp

//Source Code

public interface Constants {

public static final int DEFAULT_RADIUS = 500;

public static final int MINIMAL_DISTANCE = 35;

public static final int DEFAULT_B = 10;

public static final int NUMBER_OF_CELLS = 19;

public static final int NoSECTORS=3;

public static final double P_MAX=46; //maximal power in dBm

public static final double SHADOWING_DEVIATION = 8;//generator.nextGaussian()*SHADOWING_DEVIATION

public static final int NUMBER_OF_USERS_SECTOR= 50 / NoSECTORS; //36.104 3gpp

public static final int MAX_No_PRB= 50;//36.212 3GPP for 10MHz B

public static final double B_PRB=0.18; //bandwidth of one resource block in MHz 36.212 3gpp


A few Java Networking Projects Topics for your reference:

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  • An effective mechanism for Improvement proposal of the effort estimation also in software projects
  • The process of improving a distributed agent-based Ant Colony Optimization also based on Solving for Traveling Salesman Problem
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  • The process of Leafactor also based on Improving Energy Efficiency of Android Apps via Automatic Refactoring
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  • A new mechanism for Obfuscator Identification also by Android
  • A novel technique in The Soot-Based Toolchain also for Analyzing Android Apps
  • The new process Dance of Classes based Stochastic Model also for Software Structure Evolution
  • On the use of Asymmetric Keys also based on Database Encryption
  • An effective mechanism for stream processing approach to distance measurement of integers also in p-adic metric space
  • An efficient mechanism for Partition-Based Coverage Metrics and Type-Guided Search also in Concolic Testing by JavaScript Applications
  • The process of EvoSuite also at the SBST 2017 Tool Competition
  • An efficient performance also for JTeXpert at the SBST 2017 Tool Competition
  • A new mechanism for Scalability of a Web Server and Vertical Scalability based to Improve also the Performance of a Server
  • A novel study of Failures beyond Motivation also in Software Experiments
  • An efficient usage of Energy Consumption also for Android App Development Approaches
  • A novel technology of Statistical Migration also for API Usages
  • On the use of API also in Descriptions of Source Code Functionality
  • A new source of Type Checking also for Reliable APIs