IT Projects for Students

     IT Projects for Students is the platform to one of the most powerful research-based project centres in the world. Each year we are presenting lot of programs for undergraduates and post graduates. There are 50+ research centres with over150+ employees, over 50+ publishers who are members in 600+ top international journals. Our experts are studying everything from Java Programming. Our researchers strive to maintain a modern approach while discovering innovative ideas and developing new methods/techniques. Many time students are feeling pain about their final year projects because vast range of research topics explores in particular area. Such issues are solved through our expert’s guidance as our IT projects for students is created to provide an insight into what students are really need. Believe in yourself is the first secret to success.

IT Projects for Students

    IT Projects for Students provide list of latest IT projects for students. This is one of our projects services created to help students during final year projects implementation. We constantly update ourselves with new IT based project ideas, which are suit for student projects. We provide IT projects for students in all levels (B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/M.Sc) and PhD/MS research scholars.

Our Research Activities include:

  • Smartphone Application Development
  • Infrastructure for wireless Internet access
  • Internal Software Application Development
  • Driverless Car Automation
  • Programming Software Projects, Application Software Projects, Software Projects Development
  • Software-Hardware Code Design
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Automated Analysis and Verification Process

IT Project Categories:

  • Data Mining
  • Information Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Biometrics/Smart Card
  • Networking
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Wireless Communications
  • Mobile Computing
  • Secure and Dependable Computing
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Super Computing Technologies
  • Speech Data Mining

IT Project Technologies

Programming Side

  • Java/J2EE/J2ME
  • Matlab
  • NS2/NS3/OMNeT++ etc.
  • Android/iOS/Windows
  • .NET Programming
  • Hadoop Technology
  • Integrated Technologies

                   -NS3 with Java

                   -Java with Matlab

                  -Java with .NET

                  -Java with Matlab

                  -Java with Scilab

                 -Java with OMNeT++

                 -Java with Python


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Oracle Database 12C
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • NuoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • H2 Database
  • Informix
  • Mimer SQL

Communication Technology

  • RMI Protocols
  • OMG Protocols
  • Messaging Technologies (JMS)
  • Internet Protocols

Web Services Technology

  • Java Servlets
  • JSPs
  • Amazon Web Services

Research Titles on IT Projects for Students:

  • A new source for S3 Joint Scheduling and Source Selection based on Background Traffic in Erasure-Coded Storage
  • An efficient mechanism for Spectrocolorimetry and nanowire gas sensor device S3 based on analysis of Parmigianino Reggiano cheese ripening
  • An innovative performance for Parallel Versus Distributed Data Access of Gigapixel-Resolution Histology Images by Amazon web services Challenges and Opportunities
  • A novel technology for Understanding the Performance and Potential of Cloud Computing in Scientific Applications by Amazon web services
  • An effective mechanism for Looking Beyond the Simple Scenarios of Combining Learners and Optimizers in 3D Temporal Tracking
  • A novel technology of Cognitive Cost based on with Augmented Reality using Displays
  • A novel study of Simultaneous Projection and Positioning by Laser Projector Pixels
  • An effective mechanism for Multiple-View Geometric Model by Specularities on Non-Planar Shapes based on Application into Dynamic Retexturing