Simple Python Projects

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Simple Python Projects

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Now, let’s look at our Simple Python Projects Report for your reference,

  • A cover sheet with project title
  • A signed sheet (declaration and acknowledgements)
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • List of figures, tables, and abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Literature survey
  • Body of the report

                  -Problem analysis and specification

                  -Description of the project

                  -Implementation and testing

                  -Source code description in line by line

                  -Appropriate methods

                  -Algorithm description


                  -Theorem definition with proofs

                  -Evaluation Results

  • Conclusion
  • Future Enhancement
  • References
  • Appendices

You can pick your topics by following ideas:

  • Data Mining (Social media)

                -Natural language theory

                -Geospatial applications

  • Software Re-Engineering

                -Services computing

                -Event based computing

                -Cloud systems based software engineering

                -Software performance engineering

                -Release engineering

  • Machine Learning

               -Artificial intelligence

              -Statistical learning

              -Big data

              -Application Areas

                   –Language translation

                   –Industrial failures detection

                   –Logistic chains

                   –Medical data

                   –Image recognition

                   –Music or movie recommendation


  • Powerful Python Libraries

             -Numerical Analysis (NumPy)

             -Scientific Analysis (SciPy)

             -Data Visualization (Matplotlib)

  • Internet and Web Development

       Choices for Project Development

             -Python Frameworks e.g. Pyramid, and Django

             -Python Micro Frameworks e.g. Bottle and Flask

             -Python Content Management Systems e.g. Django CMS and Plone

             -Supported Standard Library on Various Internet Protocols (JSON, FTP, IMAP, Internet Protocols, etc.

             -Python Packages: feedparser, paramiko, requests, twisted python, and beautifulsoup

Here, we have provided one simple example on Software re-engineering using Miasm,

         …”Miasm is an open source reverse engineering or re-engineering framework which is used to modify, generate or analyze binary programs”.

To install this framework, type the following source code

$ git clone

$ cd miasm

$ python ./ install

/* Sample Python Code for Miasm Assembler or Dissembler*/

# Import Miasm x86 Architecture

from miasm2.arch.x86.arch import mn_x86

l = mn_x86.fromstring(‘XOR ECX, ECX’, 32)

print l


# Assembling……



print mn_x86.dis(a[0], 32)


Ground Breaking Simple Python Projects Topics:

  • An efficient performance for Fine-Grained Checkpoint Recovery based on Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors
  • An effective mechanism for Solving Enterprise Solution based on Complexity by SCM Domain through Business Process Agility
  • A new technology implementing template-based on process of development in BPMN
  • A novel study of Backpressure based on Backbone into Non-Intrusive Traffic Engineering and Lightweight Approach
  • A new technique for Business process recovery based on system log and information by organizational structure
  • An efficient mechanism for control structure in Token based metric of software functional cohesion, entropy and re-engineering
  • A novel technique for Design & realization of multi mission data handling system based on remote sensing satellite
  • A novel study of comparing and classifying proposals Building feature models framework
  • On the use of reverse engineering based on Designing of SPF of secure web application
  • An effective mechanism for Refactoring Cost Estimation (RCE) Model in Object Oriented System


       We afore listed very project titles. You can take any of those topics or bring with your own topic. Here, we highlighted our other supportive services including embedding system projects, electronics projects, power electronics projects, mechanical projects, medical electronic projects, production engineering projects, VLSI projects etc. You can commit with us today for your great future.