Python Interesting Projects

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Python Interesting Projects

    Python Interesting Projects service is given modernistic research approach for you to build your mind-blowing monument in top of the peak. Today, preponderance of students and researchers are interested in Python based projects due to its characteristics. It is very simple and flexible yet extremely powerful language. On these days, developers can be using Python for writing script, web & desktop apps etc. We are experts of expert in Python programming and we recently prepared 5500+ Python Interesting Projects for scholars by latest algorithms and technologies.

Important Techniques and Algorithm Support:

Image Processing Techniques

  • Hough Transform
  • Image Filtering
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Appearance based Approach
  • Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
  • 3D Hand Model based Approach
  • FFT and Geometric Features
  • Pixel Pattern based texture Feature
  • Principal Component Analysis

Data Mining Algorithms

  • C5 Algorithm
  • K-Means Algorithm
  • Apriori Algorithm
  • PageRank Algorithm
  • AdaBoost Algorithm
  • Expectation Maximization
  • Naïve Bayes Classification
  • K-Nearest Neighbor
  • Support Vector Machines
  • CART Algorithm

Image Segmentation Algorithms

  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Region Based Segmentation Algorithm
  • Fuzzy Theory based Image Segmentation
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Threshold based Image Segmentation
  • Edge Detection based Segmentation

Applications of Python

-Video Games Development

  • Frets on fire
  • Vega Strike
  • Civilization IV
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Eve Online
  • Disney’s Toontown Online

-Network Design and Optimization

  • Topology Design
  • Shortest Path Networking Design
  • Queuing Theory
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Multi-layer Design
  • Random Variables Design
  • Information Sharing and Network Visualization

         If you want to get practical knowledge in Python, you can start your research using OpenCV. Here, we provide some of ideas to learn, what it is:

  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Face Detection inVideo and Images
  • Object Tracking in Video Streams
  • Raspberry PI for Computer Vision
  • Build a Computer Vision System
  • Object Detection
  • Video Analysis
  • Image Processing
  • Feature Description and Detection
  • 3D Reconstruction and Camera calibration
  • Computational Photography
  • Apparel Classification with Style
  • Lane Detection in Self-Driving Cars

/*Sample code using OpenCV library in Python (cv2) for Object Tracking*/

# Import Required Package

import cv2
import numpy as np
cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0)
# Take each frame
_, frame =
# Convert BGR to HSV color space
hsv = cv2.cvtColor(frame, cv2.COLOR_BGR2HSV)
# Define range of Green color in HSV
lower_green = np.array([50,100,50])
upper_green = np.array([255,140,255])
# Threshold the HSV image to get only Green colors
mask = cv2.inRange(hsv, lower_green, upper_green)
# Bitwise-AND mask and original image
res = cv2.bitwise_and(frame,frame, mask= mask)
k = cv2.waitKey(10) & 0xFF
if k == 30:

Most Popular Python Interesting Projects Titles:

  • An efficient performance for ROI in Rice Planthopper based on image processing
  • On use Automatic Gaussian Fitting Energy and Level Sets for Automatic Image Processing in Dental Image Analysis
  • A novel study of an automated leukemia detector based on separation of overlapping blood cells through Image Processing and Genetic Algorithm
  • A new source of normal/abnormal classification method in image processing for Current distribution based power module screening
  • A new source of image processing based for Growth measurement of Tomato fruit
  • An effective mechanism for new storage approach based on original cadastral maps via multi-view image processing technology
  • An efficient mechanism for Learning based Image Processing Pipeline
  • An effective source of Assessment for cervical disk prosthesis via means for video-fluoroscopy in image processing
  • An efficient mechanism for Hardware design and analysis in efficient loop coarsening and border handling by image processing
  • An efficient mechanism for Possibility theory based by on image processing
  • A new source of an image processing toolbox in BNEL_VP for visual prostheses
  • An effective robust technique of image processing for interfacing based on Raspberry-Pi and FPGA used by IoT
  • A new mechanism for Scaffolding progress monitoring with LNG plant maintenance project on using BIM and image processing technology
  • An effective mechanism for Research of image processing method on alage conolized on by insulator surface


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