Python Database Projects

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Python Database Projects

     Python Database Projects offer extraordinary opening for worldwide researchers and students to conquer the vision of career in their future. Today, Python programming is used by abundance of developers which is popularly used in many applications including scientific programing, games programming, network programming, web development and desktop GUIs. Our outstanding professionals are planned to provide highly sophisticated projects with implementation training, project code with detailed explanations, database and project documentation to accomplish their academic projects fruitfully.

General Purpose Database Systems:

  • Informix
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SAP DB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • IBM DB2
  • Firebird
  • Ingres
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Access

Embedding Applications based Database Systems:

  • SQLite
  • ThinkSQL
  • asql
  • GadFly

Non-Relational Databases:

  • XML Databases (4Suite server, Sleepycat DB XML or Oracle)
  • Graph Databases (Neo4j)
  • Record-based Databases (KirbyBase, Durus, Atop, Buzhug, Metakit, ZODB, BerkeleyDB)

Raw Data in Database Systems:

  • Read or Write File
  • Spreadsheets (CSV)
  • Spreadsheets (xlsx, xls)
  • Read Excel
  • Read CSV Files

Let’s understand that the database connection using Python,

  • PostgreSQL with psycopg2 Python library
  • MySQL with MySQLdb Python library
  • Oracle with cx_Oracle Python library
  • SQLite built into Python 2.7+ (No spate library is required for that)

Third-Party Database Services:

  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Amazon Relational Database Services
  • BitCan supports both MongoDB and MySQL
  • ElephantSQL hosts with PostgreSQL databases

If you work under MySQL DB, you can use the below code for your Database connection. Install using:

        sudo apt-get install python-MySQLdb

If you use Python 3.x means, this can be accomplished under Python-connector like this:

        sudo apt-get install python3-mysql.connector

Importing and Database connection looks like this:

        import MySQLdb

        connection = MySQLdb.connect (host =”localhost”, user = “User_Name”, passwd =”Password”, db = “Shop”)

Similarly, we can invoke proxy, which can use for local cloud SDK authentication.

/* Sample Python Code using Proxy*/

# invoke the proxy

./cloud_sql_proxy-instance=<INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME>=tcp:3306 &

# Connection Establishment Statement

import mysql

connection= mysql.connector.connect (user =’<USER>’, passwd =’Password’, host=’’, db = ‘Shop’)

Verify that the below 10 topics are written for students who have chosen Python Database projects for their final year projects,

  • An effective performance for Time saving protocol based on data accessing by cloud computing
  • An effective usage of Enhancing reliability with checkpointing of cloud computing systems
  • An efficient mechanism for Distributed Multi-User Computation Offloading in Cloudlet of Mobile Cloud Computing by Game-Theoretic Machine Learning Approach
  • An efficient mechanism for System power analytic management 220 V AC with cloud Computing Services in applying internet of things technology
  • An effective usage of Performance Guaranteed Computation Offloading by Mobile-Edge Cloud Computing
  • An efficient performance for Smart home based on internet of things and cloud computing
  • An efficient mechanism for Cloud Computing-Based on Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring by Diabetic Care
  • An efficient performance for End-to-end service in orchestration across SDN and cloud computing domains
  • An efficient mechanism for Joint Optimal Pricing and Task Scheduling on Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
  • An effective mechanism for Revising Max-Min based on Scheduling by Cloud Computing Context


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