Python Practice Projects

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Python Practice Projects

     Python Practice Projects provide you chance to learn more and work until you satisfied your results.  …”Python is the best programming language for competitive programming which offers multiple paradigms like structural programming, functional programming and object orientation for software development”. It is also used in globally used applications including YouTube, BitTorrent, Dropbox, Cinema 4D, Deluge and Bazaar.    We have 50+ branches in all over the world which is located only for serving students.

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Nowadays, Python play a vital role in Mobile Applications Development. In last year, we have developed 500+ Python Projects in Mobile Applications. Here’s, we have provided some significant information about Mobile Applications. First of all, we need to know the research areas, which are developing Mobile Applications.

  • App store optimization
  • Distributed sensor networks
  • Energy efficient mobile applications
  • Iconography and imagery
  • Indoor parking
  • Medical data collection and analysis
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile multimedia computing
  • Mobile apps for agriculture
  • Mobile applications testing
  • Reality mining
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Security
  • Service oriented computing
  • Smartphone augmented infrastructure sensing

Supported Library/Frameworks:

  • PyMob (Python Technology which is used to create mobile apps)
  • Kivy (Open Source and Powerful library for developing rapid applications)
  • Wq 1.0.0 (Python modular framework that is capable for collecting data in offline)
  • Robot Framework (Mobile Test Automation Framework)

Simple Mobile Applications:

  • Mobile payment
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Mobile health applications
  • Mobile commerce service provider
  • Enterprise mobile application
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Mobile health applications

/*Sample Python code using KIVY LIBRARY*/

from import App


from kivy.uix.label import Label

List of Python Practice Projects in Mobile Applications:

  • An efficient mechanism for Convolutional neural network-based on transfer learning and knowledge distillation using mobile application of multi-subject data in motor imagery BCI by python
  • An effective mechanism for mobile application in Submesoscale Tidal-Inlet Dipoles Resolved Used by python in Stereo WorldView Imagery
  • On the use of Python based mobile application in Medical Imaging Processing on a Big Data Platform with Experiences of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Architectures
  • An efficient mechanism for Surface Water Extraction From Landsat 8 OLI Imagery used in the mobile application with LBV Transformation of python
  • The new process of Noise reduction on mobile application for hyperspectral imagery use with spectral unmixing and class-labels by python
  • A new mechanism for Efficient Exploration of Telco Big Data with Compression and Decaying by python
  • An effective performance for Socket Store of mobile app model for the application-network interaction in python
  • An effective mechanism for python Platform Storage Performance With 3D XPoint Technology based on mobile application
  • A novel technology of mobile application for Efficient Large-scale Medical Data (eHealth Big Data) Analytics in Internet of Things within by python
  • An effective mechanism for Application-aware optimization of multiple-criteria network selection in mobile heterogeneous networks by python
  • An efficient performance for Closed-loop power-control governor based on multimedia mobile devices in python
  • A new technique for Security and QoS framework in 5G and next generation mobile broadband networks with python
  • An efficient mechanism for Interactive web-mobile application in exploring matrices of neural connectivity used by python
  • On the use of Just-In-Time Compilation of SNC based on Cloud Service Platform for Symbolic-Numeric Computation by python
  • An effective usage of Sizing-Priority-Based mobile Application-Driven Memory for Mobile Video Applications by python

     Previously, we mentioned very few information about our Python Practice Projects. Here, we highlighted our other software development programs for scholars including embedded system, wireless technology, VLSI, Matlab, IOS & Android, and Robotics, digital signal processing, power electronics, LabVIEW and more. Scholars we invite you with our wholehearted to conquering the dream of job in your future.