Projects Based on Python

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Projects Based on Python

   Projects Based on Python service is only began with the intention of feed innovative thoughts to students and researchers in all over the world. We are developed 5500+ Projects Based on Python and recently committed with 1000+ projects since majority of scholars are interested in python due to its user friendly programming environment. We offer special training programs for research scholars those who study professional Doctorate Programs. Pursuing Doctorate program is big Challenge and big Commitment but we try to keep everyone happy till the end of course. Today, Python is used in wide range of applications namely education, web & internet development, Desktop GUI, scientific & numeric computing, software development etc.

Subject Categories using Python:

  • Data Mining
  • Biomechanics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Security
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security
  • Robotics
  • Database Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Distributed Development
  • Game Development
  • Informatics
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Telecommunication and Network Administration

Python Concepts (in General):

  • Web application development
  • Object-oriented development
  • Substantial software development completion
  • Web protocols, service APIs, and frameworks
  • Unit testing and debugging techniques using Python

Core Concepts with Example Programs using Python:


-Cryptography library is developed and runs on Python 2.6-2.7 and Python 3.3 and above

  • Install using $ pip install cryptography

-PyCrypto library is compatible with Python 2.1 to 3.3, which offers secure hash functions and cryptographic algorithms for encryption and decryption process

  • Install using $ pip install pycrypto

-Python Code for AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Algorithm

from Crypto.Cipher import AES

// Encryption

encryption_suite =‘This is a key123’, AES.MODE_CBC, ‘This is an IV456’)

cipher_text = encryption_suite.encrypt (“A secret message. Not for prying eyes.”)

// Decryption

decryption_suite =‘This is a key123’, AES.MODE_CBC, ‘This is an IV456’)

plain_text = decryption_suite.decrypt(cipher_text)

MapReduce 0.3.5:

-Python based MapReduce Solution

-JobX is a Python based Hadoop MapReduce solution.

  • Install using Dependencies
  1. nginx
  2. install Python 2.7 (gevent is not compatible with Python 3)
  3. go: $ sudo apt-get install golang
  4. etcd:

               $ git clone

               $ cd etcd

               $ ./build

               $ sudo mkdir/var/lib/etcd

               $ sudo bin/etcd-addr =127.0.1:4001 data-dir=/var/lib/etcd-name=etcd1

  1. nsq:

              $ sudo apt-get install gpm

              $ mkdir ~/.go

              $ GOPATH= ~/.go go get….

              $ sudo mkdir/var/lib/nsq

              $ cd/var/lib/nsq

              $ sudo ~/.go/bin/nsqd

              $ sudo  ~/.go/bin/nsqd

  1. Install Nginx
  2. Hadoop – 2.7x

Cyber Security:

-Python Cyber Security used in several research areas including

  • Systems Security Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Digital Forensics
  • Software Assurance
  • Security Engineering
  • Exploitation Analysis


  • Linux OS and Python version 2.7

-Install using

  • git clone
  • cd owasp-pysec
  • 7 install

-Sample code for structural, white-box and functional analysis of Python applications

import os

import sys

from string import digits

from pysec import chain

from import fd

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

path = os.path.abspath(sys.argv[1])

with, fd.FO_READEX) as txt:

for line in txt.lines() | chain.not_contains(*digits) | chain.to_erepr:

print line

Cutting Edge Topics for Projects based on Python:

  • An effective mechanism for Ex Vivo Testing based on by MapReduce Applications
  • An efficient mechanism for Distributed Extreme Learning Machine in Kernels Based on Mapreduce with Spectral-Spatial Classification on Hyperspectral Image
  • On the use of MapReduce and hierarchical entropy analysis into speed-up detection of covert by timing channels
  • An effective mechanism for Application-Aware Network Design based Software-Defined Networking used by Hadoop MapReduce Optimization
  • An efficient performance for Method based MapReduce used by Hybrid Bayesian Network Structure Learning in from Massive Data
  • An effective mechanism for Cyber-security challenges by wireless networked aircraft
  • An effective usage of user-centric machine learning framework for cyber security operations center
  • A new mechanism for Critical infrastructure protection need for evolving standards with Mutating cyber-space and security issues by ITS
  • A new source of CsPI with New Way to Evaluate Cybersecurity Investments
  • An effective performance for Robustness of Data Mining Models Used in Cyber Security Applications
  • An effective mechanism for Secure MAX/MIN Queries by Two-Tiered Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An efficient performance for Privacy-Friendly Gaming Framework by Smart Electricity and Water Grids
  • A new source of Code-Based Signature with Implementing Fast and Compact QC-LDGM Signature Scheme by Embedded Hardware
  • An efficient usage of Securing the Internet of Things based on A Meta-Study of Approaches, Challenges and Open Problems
  • An efficient mechanism for Clustered security based on Smart Networks

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