Easy Python Projects

      Easy Python Projects offers an inventive paradigm for students and research community to travel fruitfully towards their goal. We have 100+ world-class experts who provide unique support for researchers and develop high strategic solutions by intermingle current and emerging technologies. We provide different types of projects (IEEE, Application, Real-Time) and research development solutions for scholars by our world celebrated experts. Our solutions are brave and innovative which is providing unique access for students and researchers with the analytical tools and specialist expertise. Do you feel we are right for you? You can call us or contact through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Whatsapp.

Easy Python Projects

      Easy Python Projects service covers the simple information with bright full ideas. Recently, Easy Python Projects is highly distinguished among research colleagues and students. Students and researchers are eager to select their final year projects on Python since it is easy to develop any kind of applications. …”Python is a vital programming language which makes the source code easy for programmers to read and write”.

Let’s see some major uses of Python,

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing (e.g. Open Stack)
  • System Utilities
  • GUIs (gtk, Qt, Tkinter, Windows)
  • Internet Scripting
  • Embedded Scripting
  • Database Programming
  • Image Processing

Easy Python Tools:

  • PyBuilder (Continuous build tool which is extensible and easy to use)
  • Tonny (Simple Python IDE for beginners)
  • BeeWare (Toolbox that support to debug and implement software in Python)
  • BOA Constructor (Python IDE with GUI support for wxPython)
  • IPython (Powerful interactive command shell that supports various features like additional shell syntax, enhanced introspection, tab completion, rich media, and history)
  • GraphLab Create (Python Library for developing large scale data applications)
  • Pandas (Open source data analysis tool for the Python programming)
  • PuLP (Linear Programming Modeler that used for optimize solvers COIN CLP/CBC, GLPK, GUROBI, etc.)
  • Matplotlib (Python 2D Plotting Library used in Python Scripts)
  • Scikit-Learn (Efficient and Simple Tool for data analysis and mining)
  • Skele-cli (Skeleton command line program using Python)
  • Apache Spark (Big data streaming tool run over Hadoop)

/* Sample Python Code for Data Streaming over Spark*/

from pyspark import SparkContext

from pyspark.streaming import StreamingContext

# Create a local StreamingContext with two working thread and batch interval of 1 second

sc = SparkContext(“local[2]”, “WordCount”)

ssc = StreamingContext(sc, 1)

# Create a DStream that will connect to hostname:port, like localhost:9999

lines = ssc.socketTextStream(“localhost”, 9999)

# Split each line into words

words = lines.flatMap(lambda line: line.split(” “))

# Count each word in each batch

pairs = words.map(lambda word: (word, 5))

wordCounts = pairs.reduceByKey(lambda a, b: a + b)

# Print the first ten elements of each RDD generated in this DStream to the console

wordCounts.pprint()# Start the computationssc.start()$ nc -lk 9999

List of Easy Python Projects Topics:

  • An efficient mechanism for Deep Convolutional Computation Model of Feature Learning based on Big Data by Internet of Things
  • The new process of General concept for reduction process based on big data obtained in interferometric methods
  • An effective mechanism for High-Speed Network Data Acquisition System in Big Data Platform
  • An efficient mechanism of Big data analytics architecture by real-time traffic control
  • An effective mechanism for scientometric analysis in big data literature
  • A new mechanism for Ensemble Random Forest Algorithm based on Insurance Big Data Analysis
  • An efficient mechanism for Blockchain solutions based on big data challenges
  • An efficient mechanism for Big data analytic based on estimation by origin-destination matrix with Bus Rapid Transit system

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