Python Programming Practice Projects

      Python Programming Practice Projects provide you the brilliant trajectory for you to change your imagination into real dream. Our Python Programming Practice Projects service is hosted with the prominent intension of provide world class projects and projects guidance for students and research scholars worldwide. We invite scholars from the various streams like CSE, ECE, EEE, and IT to carry-out their intellectual Python Programming Practice Projects. We work with world’s top experts who are gold medalist, university rank holders, and class toppers in their academic life journey. Scholars, you get in touch with us to successfully fulfill your academic projects.

Python Programming Practice Projects

      Python Programming Practice Projects service is given the world’s topmost Python dictionary [Covers A-Z] for students and research scholars to gain extramundane knowledge to do impossible things over this competitive environment. Today, python programming has No.1 Page Rank on Google search among the users since in 2020, Python 2.x will reach of end of life (EOL) and Python 3.x comes with new features and trends to provide great opportunity for current researchers.   Our 100+ Python developers strongly gravitate with Python because of its reliability, readability and little setup. By reason of this, students and research scholars are also interested in Python programming and fix Python is “Area of Interest” for their professional career.

Preparing Python for Your Future

  • Data Manipulation (Using Pandas)
  • Python Package (Ana, mini {conda}, pip with portable wheel (.whl))
  • Machine Learning or Statistics (scikit-learn, statsmodels)
  • Linear Algebra, Array Computing (Cython, SciPy, NumPy)
  • Programming Interfaces (Jupyter, and Other programming)
  • Web programming (Flask, Pyramid and Flask)
  • Desktop Applications (wxPython and Pygame)

     In the Python Programming World, Web Development is considered a good practice. Let’s show this with few examples,

Web Application Research Areas:

  • Social Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Services
  • Web mining
  • Big Data and Data Analysis
  • InterNet Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Security
  • Firewall

 Widely used Web Frameworks

  • BlueBream (Zope 2 Web Application Server)
  • CherryPy (Object-Oriented Web Application Server)
  • Django (Model, View, Template web framework)
  • Bottle (Lightweight, simple and fast WSGI micro Web Framework)
  • Google App Engine (Google managed data centers platform)
  • Flask (Jinja 2 and Werkzeug based Micro Framework)
  • Grok (Zope toolkit based Web Framework)
  • Nagare (Stackless Python Web Framework)
  • Pylons (Lightweight Web Framework)
  • Python Paste (Web Development Framework)
  • Pyramid (Minimalistic Web Framework)
  • RapidSMS (Framework to communicate with SMS messages)
  • Quixote (Web Application Framework)
  • TACTIC (Web based Smart Process Application)
  • Spyce (Embed Python code into web pages)
  • TurbGears (SQLAlchemy or SQL Object combined Web Framework)
  • Tornado (Lightweight non-blocking framework and server)
  • Webware (Object Oriented Web Application Framework)
  • Web2py (Web Application Framework inspired from Django)
  • Zope2 (Application Server Framework to build Content Management)

List of Web Applications using Python:

  • Kallithea (Source code management system)
  • Mailman (Popular Python packages for running mailing list)
  • OpenERP (Open source comprehensive suite)
  • Planet (Feed aggregator)
  • Plone (Open source content management system)
  • Tor2web (HTTP Proxy for Hidden Services)
  • fm (Discontinued Social Media Site)
  • Trac (Web based issue/bug tracking database)
  • ViewVC (Web based interface)

/* Sample Python Code*/

# Import Required Package

import web

urls = (

‘/’, ‘index’    // regular expressions that matches a URL, like /, /help/faq, /item(/d+), etc.


class index:

def GET(Self):    //You can use GET or POST

return “Hello Hai Welcome!”


app = web.application(urls,globals())      //Start the server

Start the server: http://localhost:8080

     Here are the best web application topics, we have covered for you. You can even take for your final year Python Programming Practice Projects,

  • An effective mechanism for WAIL based on Collection of Personal Web Archiving
  • An efficient mechanism for web application based on content in geographic image retrieval
  • A new mechanism for Stochastic Resource Provisioning based Containerized Multi-Tier Web Services by Clouds
  • An effective usage of Interactive web application for exploring matrices in neural connectivity
  • An effective mechanism for Combinatorial Testing of Full Text Search by Web Applications
  • A new mechanism for rTraffic based on  real-time web application of traffic status update on streets of Bangladesh
  • A new technology of Portable Strategy for Preserving Web Applications Functionality
  • An effective mechanism for Symbolic Model Extraction of Web Application Verification
  • A new technique of Web application for lightning activity monitoring system (LAMS)
  • An efficient mechanism for Vulnerabilities based in modern web application

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