Examples of Python Projects

    Examples of Python Projects service offer bright opportunity for you in each day to start new things with our novel thoughts to take great adventure in your scenic research route. Our Examples of Python Projects is organized by our research organization with the intention of feed innovative and groundbreaking research ideas to budding students and research academicians for make them as a groundbreaking scientist in this competitive research zone. We provide detailed explanation for your final year projects. The major advantage of doing your final year projects from us is to gain access to use large pool of our services and get number of opportunities to reach your goal. You can call us to gain our best service with the best price. We delighted to help you.

Examples of Python Projects

    Examples of Python Projects are the premier key to open the door for your future with the massive of success. Don’t stress about the closed doors behind you. New doors are opening if you are moving continuously. Our modernistic scientists cater students and research researchers with the strong-mined to create changes in the field of research technologies. We nearly provided 1000+ IEEE standard projects for students in all disciplines (Information Technology (IT), Computer Science (CS), Electrical & Electronic (EE) and Electrical & Communication (EC)). We give complete support on final year projects and research based projects with more than 25+ domains in Python so you can pick something you love and work.

Let’s see some examples of Python projects ideas,

-Matplotlib and numpy based Multi-Pendulum Harmonograph Simulator

-Easy Artificial Intelligence using Python 3+ version

Now, interested in Machine Learning and more especially in following areas

  • Neural nets
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Naïve Bayes Classifier with automated categorization
  • Depth first and breadth first search with Popular Puzzles
  • Constraint Propagation with solve more complex puzzles
  • Probing Search Strategy using Popular Game
  • Logistic Regression and k-Nearest Neighbors using Scratch tool

-Supported Data Sources

  • gov (US government open datasets)
  • Kaggle datasets (Kaggle community 100+ datasets)
  • UCI Machine Learning Repository (350+searchable datasets)
  • Enrol Data (PDF) Description (Email dataset)
  • MNIST modified dataset (Handwritten dataset)
  • Quantopian (Trading datasets)
  • US dataset (US fundamental datasets)
  • Quandl (Market datasets (economic and financial data)
  • Sports Statistical Database (sports historical and statistical dataset)

-Python Packages

  • R:caret (caret package)
  • Sklearn Python (sklearn package)
  • Scratch (learning tool)

-Supported operations

  • Data importing
  • Data cleaning
  • Pre-processing
  • Feature-engineering
  • Splitting it into test and train
  • Transformations

-Examples of Machine Learning

  • Social Network Analysis
  • Natural Language processing
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Quantitative value investing
  • Forecasting
  • Statistical arbitrage
  • Talent Scouting and Sports betting

Here, are the examples of Python Projects, developed by our top experts,

Arduino Nano (Nano Play board) using Python Library:

  • Install it NanoPlayBoard with pip:

                -pip3install nanoplayboard

  • Syntax for NanoPlayBoard

from nanoplayboard.nanoplayboard import NanoPlayBoard

board = NanoPlayBoard()


/* Sample Python Code*/

# import required package

from nanoplayboard import NanoPlayBoard

board = NanoPlayBoard()


for intensity in range (0, 101, 25):

board.rgb_set_intensity (intensity)



Python Scripts for Azure Machine Learning:

  • Contains common Python packages such as SciPy, Scikits-Learn, Numpy, MatplotLib, etc.
  • Support Python in Anaconda Environment
  • Support Pandas Data Frame for Data Pre-Processing
  • Integrate multiple datasets to form features
  • R tool support for evaluating post-process results

/* Sample Code in Web service to evaluate a Python expression*/

def azureml_main(expr_as_frame):

# import required package

import pandas as pd

expr = expr_as_frame.iat[0,0]

result = pd.DataFrame({‘Expr’: [expr], \’Result’:[eval(expr)]})

return result,

          Here are 10 Machine Learning projects titles for students and research scholars. You can pick any of them for your final year projects, or bring with your own idea we are ready to develop it.

  • Evaluate Smart Grid Application Using Artificial Intelligence, Power System and Communication Tools Based on Co-Simulation Framework
  • Object Clustering and Recognition Based on LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis)
  • Support Vector Machines for Face Emotion Detection and Face Recognition System Using Robust Method
  • Automated Hostname Verification Black-Box Analysis in SSL/TLS Implementation
  • Raspberry Pi and Middle School Mathematics for Teaching Video and Image Processing
  • Patient Suffering Diagnosis from Brain Disorders Using Generic Binary Classifier Tool
  • Machine Learning for Heart Diseases as MRI Images Using Development and Classification Tool
  • SVR Implementing Python Code and Lib SVM Package for Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting
  • Machine learning approach for Automatic Feature Selection for improves Bug Prediction Accuracy.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Classification using Machine learning techniques


     We previously mentioned some of the example ideas developed using Python. We are not only expert in Python. We are specialized Python Interfacing (Python with other programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Matlab etc.) Students you can approach us for any help. We hearty welcome to our world of success to a great career.


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