Python Simple Projects

    Python Simple Projects are highly demand for students in engineering domains like CSE, ECE, IT, EEE, Bio-technology, EIE, etc.  We make students to know their final year projects and guiding them for doing their projects own. We support for students in various domains such as Software Services, Mobile Application Development, Web Services Discovery, Embedded Product Development, Web Development, etc. We have latest concepts in Python Simple Projects and also we can do in Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Web Mining, Networking, Software Engineering, Image Processing, Wireless Networks, etc. We are familiarized and experienced in doing Python Simple Projects and end of the project you can get the great exposure in the field of Python. We just at the Python World! Contact us. We are always ready to help you.

Python Simple Projects

     Python Simple Projects provide 100% real-time project for students those who focused on Python. Our Python Simple Projects is enough for anyone who wants become an expert. In our organization, we provide Python Training Programs on Background, Installation and Execution, Garbage Collections, Memory Management, Data Types and Operations, Syntax and Statements, Python Library, Modules, Packages, Standard Library, Advanced Concepts with practical programs and live exercises and examples. There are plenty of projects developed using social networks. Here’s, we discusses a Social Media (Quora, Facebook, Quora, and many more) with the power of Python. You can discover the latest ideas using Python.

Latest Concepts that You Will Learn From Us

  • Web technologies visualization
  • Python tools for data science (e.g. slice and dice social data)
  • Python with public API for social media platform
  • Advanced analytical and statistical techniques
  • Text analytical techniques on social media
  • Format to store social data on data analysis
  • User emotions and reactions detection of Facebook
  • Entity recognition and Twitter sentiment analysis
  • Social Media Mining
  • Analyse YouTube video and Campaign performance
  • User interests analyse on Pinterest
  • Large scale social media analytics on the Cloud
  • Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Supported Python Library and Tools:

  • NetworkX (Network graph based library)
  • libSNA (Open source library)
  • Pandas (Data science library)
  • igraph (Creating and manipulating graphs)
  • Python-twitter (Python interface library)
  • Python-twyt (Twitter API interface)
  • Python-Twitter Tools (Command line tool)
  • Twitty-twister (Twisted interface)
  • Tweepy (Twitter API Python library)

Supported Algorithms:

  • Decision Trees
  • K-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm
  • Neural Networks (e.g. Self-Organizing Map)
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Naïve Bayes Classifier
  • Iterative Algorithm
  • Graph based Approaches

Sample Applications:

  • Content recommendation systems
  • Social trends evolution estimation
  • Social relationships interpretation
  • Churn prevention
  • Public objectives generation

/* Sample Python code to get all user’s updates on Twitter */

# Import Required Package

import twitter

api = twitter.Api()

statuses = api.GetUserTimeline (‘DLR_de’)

print [s.text for s in statuses[:5]]

/*Sample Python code using NetworkX Python Library */

>>>import networkx as nx










Top 15 Python Simple Projects Topics:

  • An effective mechanism for Semantic Social Network Analysis by Cross-Domain Tensor Factorization
  • A new mechanism for Direct comparison method of information dissemination used by legacy and Social Network Analysis
  • An efficient mechanism for conceptual framework in Social Network Analysis of Building Information Modelling by construction projects
  • On the use of social network analysis to quantify interoperability in a large system of systems
  • A novel technology of Modelling and analysis of a typical short-term event induced evolution by social network
  • An efficient mechanism for research on fraud group mining which based on social network analysis
  • A new mechanism for Parallel Computing of Machine Learning in Social Network Analysis
  • An efficient mechanism for K-Clique Community Detection in Social Networks Based on Formal Concept Analysis
  • An effective usage of Distance Measure for Analysis of Polar Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
  • A novel technique of Job seeker to vacancy matching used by social network analysis
  • A new mechanism for Analyzing social networks activities to deploy entertainment services in HRI-based on smart environments
  • A novel technology of Localization Based on Social Big Data Analysis in Vehicular Networks
  • The new process of Algorithm for prediction based on negative links used by sentiment analysis in social networks
  • An effective mechanism for UCPR based on User Classification and Influence Analysis in Social Network
  • A new mechanism for Trust analysis on social networks based on identifying authenticated users
  • A novel technique of Predicting social dynamics based on network traffic analysis for CCN/ICN management
  • A new technology for Analysis of Social Networks based on Tera-scale Telecommunication Datasets


        To be fair for our students, we have enumerated sample code. This shows our quality and standard. We also offer complex projects using Django, IPython, Matplotlib, and Cookiecutter. Our complex python projects often grow from simple python projects. If you have any question? Contact us