Python Projects for Practice

    Python Projects for Practice is our exclusive platform in the area of Python Programming. Our 100+ top-experts have been the pillars of our organization since they have 10+ years of experience in Python Programming and they have 5+ years of work experience in top MNCs. Our Python Projects for Practice is intended for exploring future activities of students and research scholars. Our world class employee’s works for students dream success and render with high quality research projects. Our completed Python project supports you from the basic to the advanced topics. Initially, our top experts contributed with 100+ research topics. After the topics discussion, they go for implementation in which you need. Practice yourself with little things. The more we practice for you until you get it right……

Python Projects for Practice

    Python Projects for Practice is our backbone of our organization. The Python Projects for Practice has continued to serve the young generation with the latest IEEE and Application based Projects. Our specialized team of skilled experts convey their hard earned experience into the projects. We provide more packages, libraries, and tools for Python projects or we can able to create new library/module/tool for student’s best practice.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Able to solve complex problems
  • Play a primary role for Doctoral Research(PhD/MS)
  • Our research team will be responsible for project design, documentation, and evaluation
  • Work with full development lifecycle by 24/7
  • Support students by writing documentation and tools assistance
  • Determine novel methodologies and techniques
  • Send students to attend Faculty Training programs, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops
  • Provide copies of project materials (base papers, literature survey papers, etc.)

Let’s see the Python role in Embedded Systems,

Python modules, library and packages are used in embedded systems (small/minimal hardware devices)

Embedded devices which could be considered in Python are:

  • Gumsttix
  • BeagleBone Black
  • Raspberry Pi
  • FIC (Neo1973 and NeoFreeRunner)
  • Arduino
  • Telit GPRS or GSM modules
  • MicroPython
  • FPGA design (Virtex-4, 5, 6, 7)

Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows, FreeRTOS, XilKernel, OSA, etc

Supported More Complex Systems like: Video/Image Processing, Complex Control Systems, Communication Systems, etc

Supported IDE: Django, PyCharm (offer unique coding)

Supported Embedded System Components:

  • Image Processing Software
  • Pyserial (Python library)
  • PyET (Python Embedded Tools)
  • Python Serial Libraries
  • CoAP and MQTT Protocols in IoT
  • Python GPIO Libraries
  • Python Camera Libraries
  • js and Python
  • Python AUDIO Libraries
  • Python Bluetooth Libraries
  • Python FIRMATA Libraries

Sample cases which support by Python:

  • Test Automation
  • Automating Build Systems
  • Parsing Logs and Providing Results
  • Device Control and Debugging
  • Automation Testing

Supported Frameworks (Alternatives of Django):

  • Pyramid
  • Flask
  • Web2py
  • Bluebreem
  • Turbogears
  • Google App Engine
  • py
  • Falcon
  • Bottle
  • Cherrypy
  • Tornado
  • Or Create own framework

Let’s take one example using Arduino IoT Thermometer,

# Import Required Packages

from wireless import wifi

from microchip.mcw1001a import mcw1001a as wifi_driver

import streams

import adc


# Import the Zerynth APP library

from zerynthapp import zerynthapp

# Import the HTS221 library

from stm.hts221 import hts221

temp_hum = hts221.HTS221(I2C0, D21) # slot A




# Device UID and TOKEN can be created in the ADM panel

zapp = zerynthapp.ZerynthApp(“R11”, “DEVICE TOKEN”,ip = “”, log=True)

# connect to the wifi network (Set your SSID and password below)

wifi_driver.init(SERIAL2,D24) # slot B

for i in range(0,5):



except Exception as e:

print(“Can’t link”,e)


print(“Impossible to link!”)

while True:


# Read the sensor and send values to the ADM

while True:


tmp, hum = temp_hum.get_temp_humidity()

# Read tmp and hum

print(“Temp is:”, tmp, “Humidity is:”, hum)



except Exception as e:


if tmp>34:


zapp.notify(“ALARM!”,”High Temperature!”)

except Exception as e:


except Exception as e:


Recent List of Python Projects for Practice:

  • An effective mechanism for NVM-Aware Page Allocation based on Multi-Core Embedded Systems
  • An efficient mechanism for Structure-Aware Linear Solver of Realtime Convex Optimization by Embedded Systems
  • A new mechanism for CloudBus protocol hardware multi-converter gateway based on distributed embedded systems
  • A novel technology of Car plate recognition based on CNN used by embedded system with GPU
  • A novel technique of real time motor fault signature analysis algorithms for drive embedded systems
  • An effective mechanism for Color recognition and dynamic decision-making model of 6 axis based on industrial robot by embedded system
  • A new process of Control system for granary ventilation based on embedded networking and Qt technology
  • The new process of Arduino based embedded system in passenger car for road safety
  • An efficient mechanism for Microcomputer based on embedded SCADA and RFID systems implemented in LINUX platform
  • An effective usage of Open source embedded data logger design for PV system monitoring
  • An effective performance of VHDL based BLOWFISH implementation for secured Embedded System design
  • An efficient mechanism for Online Fault Diagnosis of Motor Bearing using Stochastic-Resonance-Based on Adaptive Filter by Embedded System
  • A novel technology of Byzantine Agreement Service for Cooperative Wireless Embedded Systems



        The content above shows that our services which are currently offer for our students. We have considered the top 67 research domains as ranked by the emerging need. In particular, this 67 research domain considers only for sample and we provide projects in any of the domain. You can choose one topic, and feel our work.