Python Based Projects

     Python Based Projects give highbrow research development environment to students and research scholars with the scope of enhance scholar’s profile in this scientific ecosphere. Our foremost vision is to help scholars to reach pinnacle of achievements by our step by step guidance. Our magnificent professionals have technology expertise and depth of domain knowledge to cater worldwide level students and research society for stand-in IT field in their future. Owing to, we only focus on help scholars to become as an expert in Python Based Projects. Students who have dream to become as an expert in Python? Today, you can take one step to move towards to join with us.

Python Based Projects

    Python Based Projects service offers wide range of opening to students and research scholars for accomplishing their goal with the help of our mind-blowing knowledgeable professionals. Today, python is the best robust and dynamic programming language which is being popularly used. This object oriented programming language can be utilized for vast array of applications to scripting, implementing and testing. We uses latest version of Python software (Python 3.6.2) in your Python Based Projects implementation.

Let’s know the General Programming Approaches,

  • Programming Languages
  • Compiler Directives
  • Libraries

Python Based Projects Concepts

-Face Recognition in Real-time using OpenCV and Python


  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • OpenCV 2.4.10
  • Python recognizer script

-Twitter Trends Analysis using Spark Streaming


  • Spark 1.6 Streaming API
  • tweepy Library

Advantages of Python based Projects

  • Support Python Third Party modules
  • Offer Extensive Python Libraries for Specific Applications
  • Save running time than C and Java
  • Directly run Python code because compilation is not necessary
  • Vast collection of function library can geared
  • Multi domain expertise (Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, etc.)
  • Explore future research career
  • Expressive power, simplicity and more than that……

Here are some examples which are used in some different scenarios,

/* Get the temperature using DHT11 sensor*/

from concretefactory.temperatureSensorFactory import TemperatureSensorFactory


dht11 =TemperatureSensorFactory.create sensor(“DHT11Temperature”)

print (“Temperature in Celcius:”+dht11.getTemperature()+u”\u00b0”+”C”)

print (“Temperature in Fahrenheit:”+dht11.getTemperatureInFahrenheit()+”F”)

print (“Temperature in Kelvin:”+dht11.getTemperatureInKelvin()+”K”)

/*QR Decomposition for constructing 7-dimensional orthogonal matrix*/

import pychemia

import numpy as np

np.set_printoptions(linewidth=200, suppress=True, precision=5)

ortho = pychemia.utils.mathematics.gram_smith_qr(7)


ortho array([[-0.23503793, -0.6039233 ,  0.31346146,  0.56383925,  0.18441349, -0.35292927,  0.07275729],

[-0.31380685, -0.21108679, -0.25878856, -0.40710624, -0.23657101, -0.54173578, -0.52423003],

[-0.48237691,  0.1056854 , -0.2376831 ,  0.11195934,  0.63817833,  0.3621268 , -0.38562619],

[-0.44643339, -0.33091574,  0.37743259, -0.27151849, -0.39852265,  0.56178535,  0.02431587],

[-0.46408875,  0.67693995,  0.31398053,  0.30715275, -0.28175741, -0.23147005, -0.02194835],

[-0.43149085, 0.00696596, -0.2664925, -0.31313612, 0.19768295, -0.20337001,  0.75117024],

[-0.11282486, -0.10838891, -0.68280287, 0.48754035, -0.47483487, 0.20071602,  0.07649819]])

Recent Python Based Projects Titles:

  • An efficient mechanism for Sliding mode control within soft computing based path planning wheeled by mobile robot
  • An efficient performance for Soft computing classifier ensemble by fault diagnosis
  • A novel study of Realization for5-bus system used by soft computing technique for flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) devices
  • An effective performance for survey of soft computing techniques applied based on cloud load balancing
  • An effective mechanism for Cloud hosted website protection used by soft computing techniques
  • A new mechanism for Evaluating product system based on behavior in soft computing used by product structure modeling
  • A new technique of Efficient Cloud Market Mechanism for Computing Jobs With in Soft Deadlines
  • An effective mechanism for Bilevel linear programming based on lower-level fuzzy objective function
  • On the use of BCI for Basic verification of brain areas related with in time measurement
  • An effective mechanism for Solutions of fuzzy correspondence inequations with in sup-conjunctor composition


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