Open Source Python Projects

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Open Source Python Projects

   Open Source Python Projects service is your dream destination. Our enlightened professionals are ready to support your final year and research based projects with the scope of give the best work for you. Nearly, we handled thousands of Open Source Python Projects on various domains including digital forensics, grid computing, information security, energy efficiency, biomedical engineering, distributed computing, fuzzy logic, and internet of things, mobile ad hoc network and more. For each Open Source Projects, we will allocate our entire research team like:

  • Project Developers
  • Technical Writers
  • Software Developers
  • Journal Experts
  • Proof Readers
  • Research Associates
  • Project Managers
  • Programmers for Specific Development
  • Project Tutors
  • Team Leads
  • Fluent English Speakers

Major Open Source Python Tools

  • Mapnik (Python Library for OpenStreetMap)
  • Amazon EC2 (Cloud Web Services)
  • Eclipse Che (Online Integrated Development)
  • FreeCAD (Computer Aided Design Library)
  • Orange (Cross Platform Visual Programming Tool)
  • PyData stack (SciPy, SciKit Learn, NumPy, etc.)
  • PyQtGraph and PyQt
  • Shogun (Machine Learning Toolbox)
  • Caffe (Deep Learning Framework)
  • Theano (Python Library)
  • LOCUST (Open Source Load Testing Tool)
  • Multi-Mechanize (Load Testing Framework)
  • RStudio (Data Visualization Tool)
  • KNIME, NLTK, and WEKA (Data Mining Tool)
  • Google Charts (Python Google Charts Tool)
  • Gephi with pygexf library (Visualization Tool)
  • Hive Plots (Network Visualization Tool)
  • Folium (Python library for Interactive Maps)
  • Pydata (Web scraping Python Tool)

Supported Open Source Technology

  • Google Cloud Platform and App Engine
  • Numenta’s Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC)
  • TensorFlow
  • Apache Spark (Distributed Machine Learning)
  • Plotly (DS Visualizations)
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • IBM Watson AI XPRIZE (Cognitive Computing)
  • Open Source Python Ecosystem (Machine Learning)
  • DiDi Research (Supply Demand Forecasting)
  • Amazon EC2 over Boto (Cloud Web Services)

      Recently, Internet of Things connected with Python using CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) and MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) protocols. Nearly 25+ Open Source Projects are completed using Python Programming Language. Python supports:

  • Open Source MQTT clients (The Web-of-Things)
  • Supported Eclipse Paho IDE Framework
  • Using AWS IoT/IBM Watson IoT, and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
  • Support CoAPthon, txthings, aiocoap, etc using Python
  • CoAP support for Android appsdevelopment, Bridging with HTTP, Cloud Platforms and Public Servers

/* Sample code using IoT protocol (CoAP) in Python */

Server side programming using CoAP

import sys

from twisted.internet import defer

from twisted.internet import reactor

from twisted.python import log

import txthings.resource as resource

import txthings.coap as coap

import platform

import os

import random

class ourCoAPResource(resource.CoAPResource):

def __init__(self):


self.addParam(resource.LinkParam(“title”, “Temperature”))

# Disable 01_discovery for now, we’ll cover that next

# self.visible = True

# noinspection PyUnusedLocal

def render_GET(self, request):

temp = self. gettemperatureValue()

response = coap.Message(code=coap.CONTENT, payload=’%.5f’ % temp)

return defer.succeed(response)


def gettemperatureValue():


Temperature is obtained via the embedded board’s tshwctl utility, it outputs both

CPU & ambient temperature in this format:



# If running on real hardware, read from onboard temperature sensor

# otherwise return a simulated value.

if platform.machine() == ‘armv5tejl’:

return float(os.popen(“tshwctlutemp|grep external|cut -f2 -d’='”).read().rstrip())


return 40 + random.uniform(0, 10)

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:


root = resource.CoAPResource()

temperature_resouce = ourCoAPResource ()

root.putChild(‘temperature’, temperature_resouce)

endpoint = resource.Endpoint(root)

# Listen on default CoAP port 5683

reactor.listenUDP(coap.COAP_PORT, coap.Coap(endpoint))

# Run Twister’d event loop

Here is the corresponding client code:

import sys
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import log
import txthings.coap as coap
import txthings.resource as resource
from ipaddress import ip_address
class CoapTempClient:
def __init__(self, ip_addr, url):
self._ip_addr = ip_addr
self._url = url
# The reactor is Twisted’s main event loop
# Request that requestReource is called 1 second from now
reactor.callLater(1, self.requestResource)
def requestResource(self):
# Create a non-confirmable CoAP request. To keep as simple as possible we don’t specify any observer
# callbacks either.
request = coap.Message(code=coap.GET, mtype=coap.NON)
url_tokens = self._url.split(‘/’)
request.opt.uri_path = tuple(url_tokens)
# COAP_PORT is 5683, the default UDP port for CoAP
request.remote = (ip_address(self._ip_addr), coap.COAP_PORT)
d = protocol.request(request)
def printResponse(response):
print ‘CoAP result: ‘ + response.payload
def noResponse(self, failure):
print ‘Failed to fetch resource:%s’ % failure

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
if len(sys.argv) == 3:
addr = sys.argv[1]
url = sys.argv[2]
endpoint = resource.Endpoint(None)
protocol = coap.Coap(endpoint)
client = CoapTempClient (addr, url)
reactor.listenUDP(4444, protocol)
# Run the Twisted event loop

Herewith we have highlighted top 10 Open Source Python Projects Topics developed using IoT protocols (CoAP and MQTT),

  • A novel technology of an MQTT-Based on IoT Context-Aware Wearable Assessment in python Platform for Smart Watches
  • An effective mechanism of Fairness in fog networks for python based on Achieving fair throughput performance in MQTT-based IoTs
  • A novel technique of CoAP Sensorian Hub for an IFTTT-based python platform in IoT collecting and processing sensor data
  • An efficient mechanism for Enabling CoAP into the swarm of transparent interception in python based CoAP-HTTP proxy for the Internet of Things
  • A new mechanism for Cluster-based CoAP in python platform of message queueing in Internet-of-Things networks
  • An effective usage of python disruption tolerant architecture based on MQTT for IoT applications
  • A novel technology of an energy efficient IoT enabled smart system based on DALI network over MQTT protocol by python
  • An effective mechanism for automatic smart urinal flusher of IoT based on MQTT protocol within by python
  • The new process of Offline Online Strategy for IoT Using MQTT by python
  • An effective performance for Room Temperature Control and Fire Alarm/Suppression IoT Service Using MQTT on AWS by python
  • A novel technology of IoT remote lab for seismic monitoring in a python programming course
  • The new process of Efficient IoT data aggregation for connected health applications by python


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