Interesting Python Projects

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Interesting Python Projects

   Interesting Python Projects is given mind-blowing opportunities for students and researchers to gain excellent things in their academics. Python offers faster application development environment for developers. It has very easy syntax and significant processing capability due to its repository of pre-written code and extensive library that works out of the box. In the past year, we accomplished 1000+ Python projects for students and researchers. Now, we committed with 500+ Interesting Python Projects.

Interesting Concepts using Python:

Applications based

  • Message forwarding to Facebook friend
  • Ajax request handling using Django
  • Working Animated Images
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python
  • Whatsapp using Python
  • Birthday Reminder Application
  • Google Search using Python
  • Malware Detection and Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Digital Forensic Applications

Machine Learning using Python

  • Tokenization and Stop Words Removal using NLTK
  • Text to Speech Conversion

Home Automation or Building

  • Water Level Control And Monitoring
  • Automated Street Light PIR Sensor
  • Wireless Home Appliance Control
  • Smoke Detection and Alarm System
  • Sensors based Home Security Safety Application
  • Intruder Motion Alert System

Internet of Things

  • Web based Data Logging and Control
  • Air Quality, Noise level, Light intensity monitoring data analysis
  • Physical Parameter Monitoring and Control over Internet
  • Data fetch from sensor upload on FTP site
  • Sensor based Physical Parameter Monitoring System

Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Platform Services (Pachube, Xively) to process data
  • Actuator over Cloud to control action

Smart City Application

  • Smart Parking
  • Waste and Garbage Collection
  • Public Garden Automation
  • Automated Street Light System

Interesting Concepts (Without the need of Third Party Tools)

  • Simulation of Attacks
  • Wireless Network Scanning
  • Traffic Transmission in the Network
  • Mail Servers Accessing
  • Web Server Fingerprinting
  • Port Scanning
  • Website Cloning
  • Load Testing and Generation of a Website
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Most Interesting Python Projects Titles:

  • An efficient mechanism for Tiered attestation by Internet-of-Things devices
  • A novel study of Channel Equalization and Interference Analysis for Uplink Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
  • An effective performance for Social Internet of Thing (S-IOT)-based on Mobile Group Handoff Architecture and Schemes by Proximity Service
  • A novel technique Containers for portable, productive and performant scientific computing
  • The process of Automated Software Testing Based on Hierarchical State Transition Matrix for Smart TV
  • An effective mechanism for Forest Vitality and Change Monitoring Tool Based on RapidEye Imagery
  • An effective mechanism for BlockPy Introductory Programmers based in Open Access Data-Science Environment
  • A new mechanism for Development of ROACH Firmware by Microwave Multiplexed X-Ray TES Microcalorimeters
  • The process of SNC based Cloud Service Platform for Symbolic-Numeric Computation using Just-In-Time Compilation

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