Scilab projects deliver stable and trending notions among blooming scholars. If you have selected Scilab for your project, then you made a right decision. Selecting the tool will not offer the results since working on it only gives the success. But, lack of time and materials tend many students to fail in their Scilab projects. On the other hand, our ideal aim is to take them to the peak. For that, we regularly update our knowledge and thoughts.


If you are using Windows OS

  • OS Version: Vista/7/8/10
  • Core: Pentium IV class
  • RAM: 1 GB to 2 GB
  • Disk: 600 MB
  • C Compiler: Visual Studio

If you are using Linux OS

  • OS Version: 5.5+/6.x/7.x
  • Core: Pentium IV class
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk: 550 MB
  • C Compiler: gcc/clang

If you are using Mac OS

  • OS Version: 1012 Sierra/10.13 HighSierra/10.14 Mojave
  • Core: Mac Intel 64 bits
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk: 500 MB
  • C Compiler: gcc/clang


  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++

We pledge the finest outcome in any configuration and language. Since, we have 100+ experts with the superior skills in Scilab. So, don’t get worry regarding your desires and just get pleasure with our success.


Communication Toolbox 0.3

  • Modulations (FSK, PSK, MPSK)
  • Sym-Gen (OTP, Pad, Random Bits)
  • Pulse-Shaping (NRZ, RZ, Gaussian)
  • Channelization (Mux/Demux, Codec)
  • Equalization (Non-flat channels, Wideband)

Scilab IoT Module 1.1

  • ThingSpeak
  • FavorIoT
  • ThingsBoard
  • Ubidots

Image Processing and Computer Vision Toolbox 4.1.2

  • Image Enhancement and Restoration
  • Deep Learning
  • Morphological Operations
  • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Spatial Transformation

Scilab Computer Vision Module 0.5

  • Image Stitching
  • Feature matching
  • Video stabilization
  • Computational Photography
  • Camera Calibration

Arduino 1.8

  • Analog input/output (PWM)
  • Digital input/output
  • DC and Servo Motor
  • Multi-board Arduino

Although we know each nook of the Scilab, we do not overpower your ideas. For that, we enforce our wisdom in the apt home of your ideas. On the whole, your project will become our smart building upon your ideal basement.


  • Semantic CT-image segmentation
  • Farming robot design
  • Real-time 3D image/video processing
  • Wireless system for bio-signal monitoring
  • Rule-space management in SDN
  • Blockchain for lightweight security
  • Video surveillance using multi-object tracking
  • Human visual discrimination

To sum up, we have a sea of novelties in all of the areas. Searching and preferring yours is in your hand. Leave all fears since we will be there with our fins to make you fast.