Android Projects for Students is like an android that is open and available globally. There is not a final year student who got a degree without an end project. Does this sound scary to you? Well, it will not anymore since we are here to watch and guide your step in your project.

So far, only JAVA & Python are in use for android projects for IT students. Not to mention, we have the adroitness to create your project in C/C++, C# and others. Also, we integrated cloud and IoT for android based projects for final year students.

Android with IoT

  • 4G-Phone with Gesture Interface
  • Arduino based Detection System
  • Human Organ Function Monitoring
  • E-Bug and Global Issue Tracker
  • Secure with Cryptography and Steganography
  • Drug Detection Guidance

Android with Cloud

  • Bandwidth Recycling
  • Resource Management and Allocation
  • Culinary Information System
  • Multi-user Adaptation
  • Recommendation System
  • Fuzzy Image Filtering

Nearly 18+ years of service in this field gave us the asset to face any state of affairs. This academic project practice of our experts acts the sword that clears your path. We will not only use ‘android studio’ for your projects but also other tools.


  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse
  • Unity 3D
  • Fabric
  • RAD Studio
  • Unreal Engine

In essence, 100% keenness will earn 100% success for any learner. Though many pupils urge us, we do not develop same project for two pupils. We assure that you will get only brand new project.

Up to the present time, we produced 1000+ best android application projects. Our android projects for students have secured many funds for further enhancement. We will create project to boost your career and not your mere marks. We are truly elated to share our projects with you.

Few Ingenious Works Relished by Our Clients

  • Malware Detection and Trailing Application
  • Management and Administration based Applications
  • Application for Tracing Security Breaches and Hacks
  • Environment Monitoring System
  • Location Tracking of Microchip in Human Body


  • Fire Fighting Robot
  • Interview Guiding Robot
  • Robocar with Wireless Steering
  • Virtual Tele-Presence Robot
  • Colour Sensing Robot

In conclusion, android projects for students will never fill your mind with our views. Rather, we will trigger your thoughts and bring out the best in you. At this point, we ask you to come and visit our place or contact our helpdesk to kick start your project.

‘What is bigger than a perfectly executing project??? The one that our technical adroit created for you…’