Web Mining Projects in Java

     Web mining Projects in Java is an ideal service for engineering students (CS and IT) and research scholars. Our talented and well-experienced experts are highly capable in developing customized applications using different web technologies (Web 2.0/Web 3.0/Web 4.0) with innovative ideas. We served nearly 10,000 customers worldwide as well they feel satisfied with our services. For this reason, still they are visiting our institute again and again. Our organization has position in World No.1 Web Development Company which offers custom project development services using Java. Today is a perfect day, to make something new, to start fresh, to get right, and to live your dream. Getting started with web based application projects in Java.

Web mining Projects in Java                          

     Web mining Projects in Java in Java is a part of our service series providing for our valuable customers. Java is one the most useful languages for creating web based application projects. We can develop highly complex Java web application development services using advanced Java frameworks (J2ME and J2EE). Our Java developers have a core proficiency to develop your dynamic web based application projects with satisfying all your requirements.

  Let’s have a look at one sample Java code for making dynamic web applications using Gradle 4.3.1,

// Start War Plugin

apply plugin: ‘war’

// Apply Gretty Plugin


repositories {



dependencies {

classpath ‘org.akhikhl.gretty:gritty:1.4.2’



apply plugin: ‘org-akhikhl.gretty’

    In this code, two plugins (Gretty Plugin and War Plugin) are support for web application development. First, we use War Java Plugin to construct a WAR file for application and then we enable Gretty Java Plugin to deploy web application into Jetty web container. These two plugins are commonly used for developing Groovy based Web Applications. We can use multiple plugins for single web application.

All type of web applications uses the following dependencies in Java:

  • Web MVC (Spring MVC)
  • Spring (app, beans, context, core)
  • Jackson (JSON binding)
  • Logging (slf4j, logback)
  • Validation (Hibernate Validator, Validation API)
  • Embedded Servlet Container (Tomcat)

We give support on (other than final year projects):

  • Topic selection guidance
  • Thesis writing assistance
  • Data collection assistance
  • Editing and formatting assistance
  • Research proposal writing assistance
  • Conference paper writing assistance
  • Problem definition assistance
  • Journal paper writing assistance (research/review)
  • Research methodology writing assistance
  • Literature survey writing assistance
  • Mathematical formulation assistance

Sample Web mining Projects in Java

  • Web service design defects detection using machine learning approach
  • Leveraging semantic data for linking services to websites
  • Design multi-tenant service based systems using agent based decentralized service monitoring approach
  • A novel heuristic approach for refactoring detection among multiple web services
  • Long short term memory based online reliability prediction for service oriented systems
  • An innovative presentations of multi-level privacy preserving access control service scheme for healthcare monitoring
  • Semantic REST API integration middleware with using linked REST APIs
  • Extended SPARQL for dataflow oriented multi-path semantic web service composition
  • Cloud storage system for large universe attribute based efficient decryption and access control
  • Print cam watermarking with increasing capturing angle
  • Fault localization application and program dependence using bayesian network
  • Building effective and flexible cloud storage framework using sacbe approach
  • A novel approach for measuring social networks to form information systems
  • Complex systems controlling based on multi-agent self-control systems