List of Python Projects

     List of Python Projects offers professional research development platform for you to master in your interested area. Our organization has ISO 9001. 2000 certification that is created for provides infinite services to students and research scholars. We are specialized in all major research areas since we are membered in 500+ journals [IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, etc.]. Our world class experts have versatile experience in Python programming. We provide smart research development approach to implement your projects by own with our implementation strategy which exceeds competition by miles. Call us today via mail or phone. We are here to response you at 24 hours.

List of Python Projects

    List of Python Projects service provides magnificent tools to make the path on pathless jungle. Nowadays, Python is more popular programming language in this high level software development environment including data science/big data research, ML (Machine Learning) analysis & algorithms, and web development. It has very few syntactical constructions than other programming language. Today, we feed advanced IT trends, fast growing of cutting edge technologies and research designing methodologies to worldwide research scholars and students by our genius and ingenious thoughts.

Benefits of using our service

  • Provide interactive environment to improve your knowledge
  • Organize training program in various technologies
  • Keeping in view your specific needs
  • Build your projects in advance area
  • Gain practical knowledge with real-time project implementation
  • PhD Research Guidance in your specific area
  • For beginners, we cover the entire portion that is from basic to advance
  • End-to-End Project Training from Top experts who are university toppers

Learn how to maximize the value of your final year projects. We will cover the following and more, like:

  • Pick the topics that’s currently on-demand
  • Determine a problem at your specific area
  • Prepare innovative solution
  • Find tools which are available to help with your project work
  • Code solution which prepare for the problem
  • Stay focus with your specific area

This article offers a series of ideas that focus on the following Python domains:

Electronics and Communication

  • Unsupervised Learning Filter for Facebook Blocket
  • Intelligent PID controller using Raspberry PI
  • Automatic Irrigation
  • Water Pumping System
  • Pesticide Spraying Drone
  • Arduino based Pedometer
  • Motor Speed Control using Raspberry PI
  • Maze Solving Robot using Arduino

/* Sample Code using MicroPython*/

#  Import Required Package

import micropython

# Define a Thumb code inline-assembler function


def asm_add(r0, r1):

add(r0, r0, r1)

# Use it is a Normal Python Function

total = asm_add(1, 2)

In the above code, MicroPython is used. It is a small electronic circuit that used to control the all the electronic systems. To install this, clone the repository from github

$ git clone

$ cd unix

$ make axtls

$ make

Test using ./micropython

Computer Science and Information Technology

Project Ideas using Python

  • Data Streaming in Hadoop
  • Trending Analysis on twitter Hash tag or Facebook
  • Social coding (Upload over github)
  • Sentiment analysis on Twitter or Facebook feed
  • Business and Enterprise Applications
  • Language Development
  • GUI based Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications and Frameworks

*/Sample code for Python using netaddr 0.7.19 */

netaddr 0.7.19 is a network address (MAC addresses) manipulation library, which is used during network communication.

Install using “cloning repositories”

$ sudo git clone

$ cd netaddr

$ python

//Getting Started with Code

# Import Required Packages

from os.path import abspath, basename, dirname, join as pathjoin

import sys

import glob

import doctest

import unittest

def test_suite_all():

test_dirs = [




base_path = abspath(pathjoin(dirname(__file__), ‘..’))

 Select tests based on the version of the Python interpreter

py_ver_dir = ‘2.x’

if sys.version_info[0] == 3:

py_ver_dir = ‘3.x’

#   Gather list of files containing tests

test_files = []

for entry in test_dirs:

test_path = pathjoin(base_path, ‘tutorials’, py_ver_dir, entry, “*.txt”)

files = glob.glob(test_path)


sys.stdout.write(‘testdir: %s\n’ % ‘\n’.join(test_files))

#   Add anything to the skiplist that we want to leave out

skiplist = []

 Drop platform specific tests for other platforms

platform_tests = [‘platform_darwin.txt’, ‘platform_linux2.txt’, ‘platform_win32.txt’]

for platform_test in platform_tests:

if not sys.platform in platform_test:


#   Exclude any entries from the skip list

test_files = [t for t in test_files if basename(t) not in skiplist]

#   Build and return a complete unittest test suite

suite = unittest.TestSuite()

for test_file in test_files:

doctest_suite = doctest.DocFileSuite(test_file,

optionflags=doctest.ELLIPSIS, module_relative=False)


return suite

   Here is a list of Python projects topics that you can use for your final year projects. These are advanced topics. Don’t think them to be difficult or challenge. The titles below contain your research starter kit. Pick one Topic and Get Coding!

  • An effective mechanism for micro compiler for Snowflake based on Lightweight Portable Stencil DSL by python
  • A new technology of Distributed in web crawling framework based on python crawling of micro-blog data
  • A new mechanism for Remote control of VNA and parameter analyzer based RFCV micro measurements using by Python
  • An effective performance for Robot arm simulation used in 3D software application with micro 3D modeling, programming and simulation support on python
  • An efficient usage of social networks for WAIL Collection-Based on Personal Web Archiving by python
  • A new technique for WAMS Cyber-Physical Test Bed of Power System, Cybersecurity Study, social networks and Data Mining based on python
  • An efficient mechanism for Automated System Operating Limit determination with Remedial Actions event at CAISO used by Python
  • A new technology of Action and Event Recognition in Videos based Learning From Heterogeneous Web Sources by python
  • The new process of Multidimensional Time Series Shapelets Reliably Detect and Classify Contact action Events on Force Measurements by Wiping Actions of python
  • An effective performance for Sentiment analysis in reviews of restaurants based on python Myanmar text
  • An effective mechanism for python based Select-additive learning on Improving generalization of multimodal sentiment analysis
  • An efficient mechanism for Sentiment analysis of social network posts in python Slovak language