Java Project Ideas for Students

   Java Project Ideas for Students is anciently launched and recently refreshed service for students to know about current trends in Java. Our research group provides novel ideas and ingenious information for students. We allocated 100+ developers for project implementation and 50+ experts to design methodologies, algorithms, etc. Before your project development, we discuss with 100+ project topics. This is because students to select unique ideas for their projects. We organized workshops and seminars for college students in latest technologies. The major reason of organizing those programs for students is to create the interest to know the current trends and technologies in the specific sector and also it helps to shape their future career.

Java Project Ideas for Students

   Java Project Ideas for Students is one of our best real-time project centres in world to assist final year students (B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech) and research scholars (PhD/MS). Our happy customers refer their neighbours to work at our organization. This is due to our confidential, affordable, standard and the 10+ year’s successful learning experience. We provide project in various domains like Networking, Cloud computing, Mobile Computing, Network Security and also offer customized project documentation for students. We are happy that let you know that we offer projects in IEEE/Real-Time/Application projects. We are expertise on the following areas:

Java Real-Time Tools supports:

  • Java server installation (JBOSS/Weblogic/Tomcat)
  • Eclipse IDE Installation (Mars/Oxygen/Neon etc.)
  • Static Tools based Eclipse (Pmd, Sonar Qube, Check Style, Find Bus, etc.)
  • Maven, Ant, FireBug
  • GIT/SVN/Bit Bucket/Tortoise SVN/Source Tree
  • Lisa and Jdeveloper Tools
  • Soap UI testing
  • Build tool (DevOps Automation-Bamboo/Jenkins)

Java Real-Time Operating Systems:

  • PalmOS (Palm Computing)
  • SymbianOS (Mobile OS)
  • VRTX (Mentor Graphics)
  • QNX (QNX Software Systems)
  • pSOS and vxWorks (Wind River Systems)

Linux based

  • uLinux (MuLinux)
  • uCLinux
  • ETLinux (PC104 SBC’s)

Java Real-Time Applications supports:

  • Embedded Real-Time Systems using Java

                -Garbage Collection

                -Komodo Microcontroller

                -Envisions of system-on-a-chip and microcontrollers

                -Self-Driving Car (Infrared Senso)

                -Gaming System (Touchscreen,  GPIO buttons, Raspberry Pi)

                -RFID Tagged Playing Cards (Raspberry Pi)

                -Autonomous Drone (Raspberry Pi Controller)

                -Desktop Application using JavaFX (Arduino)

               -Serial Port Communication (RXTX Java Library)

                -Biometric Recognition e.g. Face (Java OpenCV and WebCam)

                -Capture images with WebCam  (Dynamsoft Camera SDK)

                -Camera Motion Detection (Java+Webcam+OpenCV)

                -Webcam Streaming (Raspberry Pi and Java)

                 -Video recording (Java gstreamer)

  • Android Apps Development
  • Java Web Applications (Struts and Spring MVC)
  • Software Tools Development (Netbeans IDE, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse)
  • J2ME Apps Development (iOS and Android)
  • Embedded Space Applications (Sensor/Smart)
  • Big Data Technologies
  • High frequency trading space
  • Scientific applications

Research Topics on Java Project Ideas for Students:

  • An efficient mechanism for lesson plan in ePUB3 eBook-based course design
  • The process of HDFT++ Hybrid Data Flow Tracking for SaaS Cloud Services
  • A framework technique to facilitate management of services in cloud based on 5G environments
  • An effective mechanism for Exploring API Embedding based API Usages and Applications
  • An effective mechanism for PEoPL based on Projectional Editing of Product Lines
  • A novel study of developers in Read Compiler Error Messages
  • An effective mechanism for Clone Refactoring with Lambda Expressions
  • A new mechanism for Search-Driven String Constraint Solving by Vulnerability Detection
  • An effective mechanism for Feasibility Study of Autonomic ally Detecting In-Process Cyber-Attacks
  • A new mechanism of an Empirical Study on Mutation, Statement and Branch Coverage Fault Revelation That Avoids the Unreliable Clean Program Assumption
  • A novel technique in Automated Transplantation and Differential Testing for Clones
  • An efficient mechanism for federating public and private intelligent services in IoT applications
  • An efficient mechanism for Precise Condition Synthesis by Program Repair
  • An efficient mechanism for Evaluating and Improving Fault Localization
  • An effective mechanism for Analyzing source code identifiers based on code reuse using by NLP techniques and WordNet